Trends in Accent Colors


Adding an accent wall is a trend that has been around for a while.  It’s a fashion statement that can come into style quickly and leave quietly.  Right now, they are very stylish and here to stay.  Accent colors truly give a room personality.  These colors are often used to draw attention to specific architecture within a home. Sure, flat surfaces can be accented but anything in the room that adds dimension (edges, indentations, right angles) to an area will offer the best options and yield the most aesthetic results. The combination of colors will become a magnet for our eyes so take your time when choosing colors.  When guests come into a room with two colors, their attention is immediately drawn to the color coordination of the room.  It’s the first impression that burns an image into the mind of visitors entering your home.   An accent color is truly a personal preference by the homeowner and can be influenced by television shows and fashion magazines.   An easy way to decorate at a low cost is achieved by simple house painting.  Painting is a “budget conscience” dream.  A gallon of paint can change the tone of a room in an afternoon.  If you have narrowed your choice to a few colors, pick up the small sample containers that a paint store offers and paint square samples next to each other to give comparisons.  So instead of spending a day at the New Jersey shore, pick up a paint brush.  It will be work and not pleasure but the results will be pleasing!

 Color Combos

As the popularity of unique single colors became stylish, so does the popularity of color combinations.  Color combinations can be compared to picking new cloths along with accessory colors to match.  Every year there are “hot” colors that are vogue.  How many times have you heard someone say “that’s what is in style now”?  To stay current with fashion, it’s necessary to work in that “hot” color(s) into your life.

House painting is no different.  To be current and trendy, change is eminent unless you want to look dated. There will always be classic color combos that will not go out of style but they tend to get boring as time passes.


If you are only going to change one room this year with an accent color, this can be the room.  It’s a safe room to experiment with.  The majority of our “down time” in spent in the bedroom so a peaceful or quiet color combo will be pleasing. Go for a light blue or green hue that will mix comfortably with your other walls.  There are so many shades of blues and greens in lighter colors that the choices can be difficult.  This is a room that only you will see so pick a version of the shade you like.

Home Office

Your home office is a room where there are a variety of users.  A good example of this is your computer room.  To keep it trendy, pick a color that is lighter in hue.  A color called Tidal Foam comes in various shades of intensities.  A perfect choice for those in New Jersey where the ocean is.

Family Room

Here is your chance to get bold!  Go for it!  It’s a gathering room for everyone family and friends alike.  Keep it bright and keep it alive.  Who wants to be lulled in a room where most of your living and entertaining space is?  Pick a color that pops. Reds are great for this room.  A Molten Maroon is a color that is bright but not overpowering.  Think about accenting two walls in this room if it would be fitting.

Your accent wall does not have to be a solid color.  You can create a textured painted wall.  By texture we mean applying your paint with an object other than a brush.  A common choice is using a sponge or wrinkled newspaper and blotting the wall.  This sounds crazy but it will give a random design of uniformity with a color you like.  The worst that can happen is that you paint over it and start again.

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