What are Modern Bedroom Paint Colors?

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Modern Bedroom Paint Colors

To immediately enhance a bedroom’s design try renovating your bedroom with a modern paint color.  A modern paint color is a great way to bring new life into a bedroom.  Modern décor is based on simplicity, including a limited color palette.  Based on a minimalist’s approach, a modern bedroom can encourage feelings of relaxation—feelings which can promote an oasis-like feeling.  Modern décor features clean, sleek lines that allow for harmony and flow.  For many homeowners, bedrooms serve as havens and respites away from a busy day.  Modern bedrooms encourage these relaxing feelings since they pare the room down to the bare necessities.  A bedroom painted in a modern color even sets the tone for a good night’s sleep.  The following are a few popular modern paint colors for a quick dose of design inspiration now.


A classic color commonly used in modern bedroom design is beige.  Modern paint colors, while very subdued, are very sophisticated.  This is true of the color beige.  Beige is a go-to paint color that quickly achieves modern design balance.  Beige is a versatile color that lends way to a warm and comforting feeling.  It is typically combined with wood and metal furniture for a streamlined look.  Other variations of beige include taupe and khaki.  These colors create harmony within the bedroom by bringing the entire room together for a unified look.  Beige can also encourage creativity as the homeowner must brainstorm various ways to bring this color to life.

WhiteModern Bedroom Paint Colors white

White is a very functional modern paint color and it provides a striking backdrop when paired with sleek, toned down furniture pairings.  All-white bedrooms allow for the appearance of spaciousness.  They also set the tone for a pure and balanced look which is perfect for homeowners who want to retreat to their bedrooms for a little rest and relaxation.  White paint is a very refined color and the look and feel of the bedroom can be changed quickly with a few new accessories that incorporate a modern design.  Contact an interior painter in New Jersey who can quickly and inexpensively paint a bedroom in crisp, modern white paint for a new look today.  A top NJ house painter will help you choose the best bedroom color and will make your vision come true!

Light Gray

Try a warm, light gray paint color as a starting point for modern design.  Light gray is a stylish modern paint color that encourage symmetry within the room.  Light gray paint is a fantastic way to add a dose of color while maintaining a look that is both simple and clean.  This saturated color works very well for modern bedroom design as it envelopes the room for a unified look.  This is especially helpful for a functional, yet simple bedroom design.  Strategically place furniture and other accent items against light gray walls for visual interest.  This color a great way to create an effortless modern design.

Subdued Aqua and Green

Other neutrals include subdued aqua blues and greens.  These warm neutral palettes are a very popular choice for modern bedrooms because they set the tone for a relaxing bedroom environment.  These hues can be calming and even draw inspiration directly from nature.  A modern bedroom can be surrounded with either of these mild colors for a striking ethereal bedroom effect.  These colors also work well for accent walls in modern bedrooms, adding a splash of unexpected color.  While modern bedrooms may be simple, they do not have to be boring.

Choose a modern paint color like a pro by following these simple design ideas.  Modern design takes commitment to not only a simple color scheme but to a design plan that includes straight lines for a clean, sleek appearance.  The perfect modern bedroom paint color can easily be chosen by following these tips, but don’t forget that ultimately, the color chosen is a matter of personal preference.  With so many variations on modern paint design—from neutrals to white to toned down blues and greens—there is a color choice available for everyone.  These guidelines can lead to a modern approach that accommodates the design goals of the homeowner.  For additional ideas and inspiration, contact an interior painter in New Jersey for a stress-free painting experience today.  A trustworthy professional painter can provide insight into modern design and can also assist the homeowner with any questions they may have regarding the perfect paint color.