Painting Your Home for Resale


Preparing a home for resell can be an arduous task. Usually, a homeowner wants to make the home look its best for prospective buyers but not waste a lot of expense on the areas that really do not matter as much. It is important, however to make sure that everything is working properly in the home and that it is aesthetically appealing. One of the fastest and least expensive ways to make a home presentable is interior painting.

Why Should I Repaint My Home if I Am Just Going to Sell it?

One of the primary reasons for painting your NJ home before putting it on the market is to improve its cosmetic appearance. It is important to make the home look its best and nothing does this as effectively or as inexpensively as a new coat of paint throughout. Even though it is an upfront expense, there can be a large return for painting your home’s interior as well as exterior before selling it. One way it is beneficial is it will make the home more appealing to a potential buyer; the other is that it can increase the price of the home. Typically, a good paint job will cost less than $1000 but it has the potential to increase the price of the home by an average of $1500 to $2000. This is a decent return on investment!

Another thing a fresh coat of paint will accomplish is making the home look well groomed. When a potential buyer looks at the house they should see paint without dings or marks. When it looks fresh and tidy, the home will appear to be well maintained. This can give the buyer more peace of mind.

What Colors Should I Use?

You may really be passionate about your hot pink bathroom or red and purple bedroom. It may be exactly what you always wanted. However, when you are going to put the home back on the market you will have to go with colors that are pleasing to the majority of the people. The rule of thumb is using neutral colors. Certain colors are great for interior painting and neutrals will typically be the most pleasing to the most people. Beige, taupe, or creams can all be very good colors which compliment the interior design of the home.  Neutrals are easy on the eyes and will work well for every room of the house.

Should Any Colors be Avoided?

Neutrals are going to be the most pleasing to the majority of people shopping for a new home. White is sometimes considered a neutral color, and in some ways it is neutral, or color free. However, it is too bright to be a true neutral. When you are painting for the purpose of preparing a house for resale, it is best to avoid white. It can appear to stark and can make rooms or areas seem too cold. True neutrals will help establish a level of comfortableness where white will fall short.

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