Ideas for Painting Your House


There comes a time when every homeowner will tackle an interior painting project of some sort. It is inevitable; it’s going to happen. There are many different reasons that a task like this is taken on and some feel like it is a boring job that must be endured. But a little bit of creativity can bring a house to life while accomplishing the task at hand. Here are a few creative ideas to consider the next time you are preparing to paint your house.

Accent Walls

Accent walls can be used to make a bold statement. They bring in just the right amount of color to balance out the space without being overwhelming. It’s a great way to use an interior painting color that you really like but it is too bold to use on all the walls. It can add a rich element or a vibrant color to an otherwise dull color scheme. An accent wall is a nice touch in a child’s bedroom or playroom. The child can choose the color that they like – no matter how crazy it seems. Then use that bold color for one accent wall. It can be balanced out by painting the other walls in the room with neutral colors that are more “acceptable.” If you want to go with a more subdued contrast, an accent wall can be painted in a shade that is a little deeper than the other wall color. It can break up the single color and add a little interest and texture to the room.

Chalkboard paint

Any room in the house can provide a surface to apply chalkboard paint. It is an interior paint that is applied just like any other type of paint. However, when it dries it becomes an instant chalkboard. It is a reusable surface that is very versatile and useful in many different rooms of the house. In the kitchen it can be a menu board, a message board or a place to create a shopping list. It’s a great idea for kid’s rooms or play rooms too.  It can even be used on a tabletop. Closet doors make a great surface to apply chalkboard paint to as well.

Try Stripes

One of the more modern interior painting trends incorporates the use of stripes. This is one of the most popular choices in modern interior decorating. Stripes can give us a very interesting and energizing room. The choices lie in the colors that will be used, the best widths and direction of the stripes. Painting with dynamic stripes can totally change the perception of a room or space. The desired effect is achieved by the combination of color combinations, direction and stripes width. Lavender with white stripes can make an otherwise dull breakfast area come to life. They make a powerful statement and many times they are only used on one wall or the ceiling so that they do not overpower the rest of the room’s décor but rather help to blend it all together.

No matter which direction you choose to take for your Essex County interior design planning ahead will ensure that the final outcome will amaze both you and your guests and will bring your family much enjoyment through the years.

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