Education Friendly Bedroom Design for Kids

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Chances are if you aren’t an interior designer, creating a fun, educational and interesting bedroom for your kid(s) is going to seem like an impossible feat.  Even if you are tempted to cheat and just put up some posters for your kids, chances are this is not going to be fun, educational nor interesting.  Because of the difficulty with this type of design, you will find a listed guide below to help you out with some products, design features and advice on how to create the perfect room for any little boy or girl and it doesn’t take too much out of your design budget either.

Wall Art – Maps

This is unlike regular old posters because it’s educational and it’s visually pleasing.  On top of that it’s inexpensive and it could mean for a future world traveler when they get a little older.  Wall art maps come in a variety of “colors” and styles from fun and pleasing to the eye, to more serious with a hint of history.  You can also find your specific city, state, country or even the world.  These can be placed on one wall, an entire room or even the back of a door and most of them are peelable which means they stick to walls and other items without ever needing tape so when the time comes to change the walls it won’t be so frustrating to get the old paper off.

Draw On Duvet Cover

This is going to be a perfect option for kids that are a little older and know the difference between their draw on comforter, compared to Mommy’s $500 comforter.  This is essentially a comforter that is a color-friendly canvas in which your kids are given special ink that is washable.  This allows them to draw on their comforter and then you wash it and poof it’s gone.  Kids also need to and probably will learn that regular markers and crayons are not to be used with this type of art because it will ruin it.

Chalkboard or Blackboard Walls

This is one of the cooler options.  You have two options available.  You can either buy chalkboards or hang them on the walls OR you can buy a special type of chalkboard paint and paint one, two, three or all four walls with this special paint.  A few brands offer it, here are a few to consider:

Valspar Chalkboard – Transform surfaces into a colorful chalkboard! Great for craft projects and children’s rooms. Use on wood, metal, primed drywall, plaster walls and hardboard for a unique and functional finish. Write on, erase off.

Folk-art 2517 8-Ounce Chalkboard Paint – Turn an ordinary household item into an extraordinary chalkboard writing surface. Apply Folk-art Chalkboard paint on any piece of wood or even terra cotta. Great for decorating furniture, party favors or children’s gifts. Simply brush on, let dry and condition with chalk (condition by rubbing entire surface with chalk and erase).

Rust-Oleum – Flat Black Chalkboard Paint – The Specialty 30 oz. Black Flat Chalkboard Paint creates a usable chalkboard on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, metal, concrete, masonry and drywall. This durable, latex-based paint is easy to erase or clean with soap and water and. Low odor.

After you paint the walls in the room, your kids can then use real chalk to draw on the walls, make designs, play games and more.  It’s incredibly affordable, fun, and you might even catch yourself joining in on the fun with your kids.  This is also incredibly easy to paint on, but if you don’t have the time or you want to make sure it’s done 100% right you can also hire a house painter in NJ to do it for you.

Puzzle Rugs

Puzzle rugs are foam rugs that are intersected using jigsaw like cuts.  You can find an array of colors and styles, as well as designs, shapes and specific items like rugs shaped like trees, cars, fire trucks, dogs and more.  These are versatile too because not only can they teach your kids about shapes and how certain shapes fit into each other, but it also gives them something soft to play on in their bedroom or playroom.

Dry Erase Wall

Another very cool option and somewhat similar to the chalkboard option.  This uses a dry erase paint which is clear and colorful markers to allow your kids to color, design, and play whatever they want.  Beyond just clear, you can also find this special paint in other colors such as white, pink, black even yellow.  By the way, this is also a cool idea for adults as well if you work at home and need a project board or some place to jot down ideas!

Hopefully you incorporated some of these ideas into your child’s room.  Just remember that educational doesn’t necessarily mean boring, especially at such a young age – even if they don’t retain much, it’s still very easy to teach those things in fun ways so that they learn, stay interested and still have fun.