Interior Painting and Wall Coverings for Existing Home and New Construction

  • Fine Interior Painting
          Picone Painting focuses a great deal of attention on the finer details of an interior painting project. We respect the importance of your home and have created specialized working processes that ensure that your home remains clean and undamaged-protecting your furniture, appliances and fixtures with high quality drop clothes; and allowing you to continue your everyday household routine with the minimum of disruption.
  • Exterior Painting
          There are many different exterior residential surfaces; concrete, brick, and wood siding. At Picone Painting we understand that each of these surfaces may require a different type of coating material to achieve a high quality finished project.
    Choosing the proper coating for each surface is important and will lead to a job that lasts for many years.
  • Wallpaper Removal and Installation
         Wallpaper Removal - Picone Painting will remove your old wallpaper in a neat and timely manner. When removing old wallpaper, proper removal techniques are used depending on the type of existing wall covering. We will always cover all floors, counters, appliances and any exposed areas.

         Wallpaper Installation - Picone Painting wallpaper installers can install a variety of many different wall coverings. We will accurately measure each area, ensuring that the correct amount of material is ordered.
  • Interior Staining
          At Picone Painting we are experienced in the staining and finishing of new or existing woodwork and cabinetry. This includes libraries, wall units, entertainment systems and trim.
    We can also strip and refinish existing trim and wood handrails.
  • Decorative Finishes
          There are many spectacular possibilities available through the world of decorative finishes. Decorative painting techniques present an extensive variety of creative choices that can produce some truly remarkable effects.
    Picone Painting will make you aware of all the options available to you. These options may include Venetian Plaster, Wood Graining, Wall Glazes, Strie or many others. All finishes will be properly applied by our craftsmen.
  • Installation of Interior Trim
          At Picone Painting we can assist you with your interior trim needs, such as the installation of Crown Molding, Chair Rails, Wainscoting and Picture Moldings.
  • Cedar Wood Roof Treatments
         One of the specialties at Picone Painting is the cleaning and protective treatment of cedar roofs.Moisture and sunlight are the two significant problems for cedar roofs.
    Over years rain removes the natural preservatives from the wood and leaves it vulnerable to depreciation. Water enters the wood and causes the wood to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction creates cracks in the wood and allows algae, moss and fungi to grow. Left alone their growth will lead to premature roof failure.
    The sun’s rays break down the cells in the top layer of the wood which are then washed away by the rain. This then leads to the different shades of “greying” which is actually a visual sign of the deterioration of the wood.
    Treatment of your wood roof will protect it from moisture and sunlight damage. Protecting your wood roof not only allows it to look great but can also double the life of your roof.
  • Color Consulting
          Are you unsure about which paint colors to select for your project? With an endless amount of colors to choose from it can be difficult to find the shade that best compliments your décor.
    Picone Painting can help you with your color decision. We can share with you the latest color trends for each room of your home.
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