Breathe New Life into Your Decor With Paint

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February 19, 2016
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Breathe New Life into Your Decor With Paint

New Life Into Your Decor With PaintIf you plan on hiring someone to paint your house – or do it yourself, there’s absolutely no reason to stick to the same old same old.  Why not do something new, exciting or completely different?  One of the great things about painting is that there are not only a wide array of colors to choose from, but designs, styles, patterns and more that you can create through paint.  Who knows, maybe a change is just what your house needed!  If you want some cool new ideas to paint your house with, continue to read below for some ideas.  If you already know how you want the paint to look and you are ready to talk to a pro you should contact a top residential painter in New Jersey.  NJ house painters are skilled at making your home look younger and more beautiful!

Accent Walls

Accent walls are nothing new, they have been around for ages, and yet they are still trending, still popular, and they are a great “change” when you really need one.  Accent walls are really easy too – it’s just a wall painted a color.  What’s easier than that?  Accent walls can take colors from within the room like an orange pillow on the couch, or a blue wall from an art reproduction you have on the walls, or a vase you really love in yellow.  Accent walls can also be colors that you love, but you wouldn’t normally paint entire room with.  Purple for instance.  You probably wouldn’t paint all your walls purple.  But, if you really love a hue of purple, you could just paint one wall that purple color and still get the same amazing look.  Accent walls can also be used as focal points to highlight certain things in a room such as a fireplace, an architectural feature or something else entirely.

Vertical and Horizontal Stripes

Adding stripes to your space is a superb way to add layers and dimensions to your room.  And its so easy.  One of the best ways to go about this to make it look cool and not like a jail cell is by creating lines that are of different thicknesses and widths apart.  Consider adding a thick line behind a long couch or a few thin lines horizontally to make the space look longer and wider.  There are so many things you can do, that will create different looks and effects.  Use your imagination, look online at articles like this one, and look at to find more ideas.

Paint Your Ceilings

Many people these days choose to either keep the ceiling white or paint it the same color as the walls.  The painting of the ceiling to match your walls is smart because you don’t see any goof ups of where you missed paint from the painter’s edge, but it’s boring and can make a room seem really closed in.  On the other hand, a white ceiling can make a room STILL seem really boring.  So, what do you do?  How about painting a ceiling darker than the walls?  This actually creates a sort of mind trick.  It makes the ceiling seem lower than it actually is and makes the room seem cozier and small.  On the other hand a light ceiling with a lighter color of paint than your walls will make a short ceiling seem higher and will make the room appear bigger than it really is!  These are designer and painter tricks that interior designers and professional painters use all the time.

Faux Finishes

The term faux is French for “false” and so it sort of makes sense when you begin to use certain paint types and objects like sponges and paper bags to create other textures that look like something else other than paint.  You can use all sorts of objects to turn different paint colors into looking like wood, marble, stucco, leather, plaster and more.  Get creative.  Try it out on a wall or you could even get yourself some canvases and see what pops up with the different objects you use; broom brushes, paper bags, crinkled up newspaper, and more can be used.

Paint is one of those things that will forever be popular.  Wallpaper and the likes is always changing trends in terms of what’s in and what’s out but never has paint ever been out.  And you can do so many things with it!

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