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Best Paint for The Bathroom

Mold Resistant PaintWhen it comes to your bathroom, there are an array of colors and styles to choose from.  But, unlike the other rooms in your home, a bathroom will need specific paint because of the atmosphere surrounding it.  While a kitchen or living room can use any type of paint, a bathroom, which tends to be more damp and hot will need paint that will keep the walls inside and out, safe from things like mold, moisture, heat, etc.  Because of this, it’s important that you pick the right type of paint for your bathroom.  Below, you will find a few different types of paint that are specifically for bathrooms.


Before homeowners had a choice in types of paint for issues like mold and mildew for bathrooms, they used semi-gloss paint.  Semi-gloss won’t get rid of mold and you still need to prepare the wall before painting it, but it is, however, very easy to clean with a towel and mold remover.  In order to prepare the wall for the semi-gloss paint, make sure that you use a mold or mildew remover/cleaner such as Lysol.  If you have a really big issue, it might be time to get a contractor in to see if it has spread through the wall and into the structure of the wall.  If it has spread, you will need to put a new wall into place before painting.  If you are lucky and it has not spread, just grab a sprayer with the Lysol and get a rag and scrub the mildew or mold away – make sure you wear gloves and a face mask!  Once you let it dry for around 24 hours you can begin painting the wall with your semi-gloss paint.  You can also find mold and mildew sprays that you can spray on the wall after the paint dries that will keep mildew and mold at bay.  Or if you really want a sure-fire way to keep it away, try…

Mold-Resistant and Mildew Resistant Paint

This wasn’t always a viable option.  In fact, back in the day, this type of paint wasn’t even available.  When it did finally become available it was quite expensive.  Thankfully, over time it’s become less expensive and easier to get your hands on it.  Unlike semi-gloss where the texture makes it easier to clean, a mildew and mold resistant paint will keep mold and mildew away altogether.  This is especially important to people that spend money to hire a company that does house painting in Northern NJ and they want to make a return on their investment.  The last thing a homeowner wants is to spend money hiring a quality company to paint for them, only to have the mold and mildew come back and potentially ruin the paint and the wall.  Invest in some good mold and mildew resistant paint and then you won’t have to worry about it.

Bathroom Paints

While a semi-gloss, like the one above, can be used in another room and then used to paint the bathroom, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bathroom paint.  Instead, it’s more of a general interior paint.  If you don’t have mold or mildew and you don’t need to use a mold or mildew paint, but you want a paint that is specifically for your bathroom, you need to take a look at bathroom paints.  Companies like Benjamin Moore offer options called Aura Bath and Spa.  This type of paint uses a matte finish.  The matte is a little more difficult to clean in terms of using a rag and water to clean it, but because its matte, it’s going to be more durable than something like a flat paint.  Also, Bath and Spa uses acrylic paint as well as resins to create a paint that will last for years in your bathroom.  The acrylic paint, secret ingredients and the resins are specifically for areas, such as bathrooms where you have a lot of heat, steam and humidity.  It will also keep your walls from getting stained from steam and water and it’s mildew resistant, which means it’s formulated to keep moisture off of and out of your walls.

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