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November 12, 2014
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November 26, 2014
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What Are Boy Colors?

Boy bedroom ColorsCould boys be more wonderful? Boys are inexplicable, curious little balls of fire. They love to have fun, but don’t ever mistake their energy and zeal for simple child’s play. For, just when you’re sure you know him, the boy in your life does something that totally mystifies you, reminding you that he’s his own person with an ever-evolving brilliance and personality. And that’s why when it comes to a bedroom painting project for your son, it’s important to choose the right color scheme that will continue to inspire and motivate his creativity. So what are the colors that boys most often choose for their bedrooms? Regardless of the passage of time, boys are as anchored in their choices as they’ve been since you were a child. With just a few updates in accents here and there, the colors that are best for boys today remain primary, vivid, and exciting. From lively reds and yellows, to natural greens and blues, to a twist of combinations, colors for a boy’s room are as fun as they are expressive.

Outdoorsy colors

Most boys love the outdoors. They love all manner of outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing, and participating in sports. Generally speaking, males never tire of nature, and that’s one of the main reasons that natural hues such as greens and browns are huge this year. Forest greens are at the top of the list for boys’ favorite colors when it comes to bringing the outdoors inside. If you’re not sure what patterns are best for the bedroom of the boy in your life, camouflage is always a good choice. Camo couldn’t be hotter this year, and what’s great about this trendy classic is that it works for a boy at just about any age. You might not want to use it in your newborn baby boy’s room, but try some forest green in a little one’s bedroom, and then update it into camo as he gets older. For more assistance on incorporating the best of nature into a boy’s bedroom, contact a residential painter in Short Hills whose expertise can guide you in the right direction.

You can’t go wrong with blue

In recent surveys, men and boys alike chose blue as their favorite color. Not so much sky blues or pastel blues, but rich, midnight blues and deep ocean blues that, again, remind them of the outdoors. Boys are intense and dramatic, and just like their dads, they love to feel lively and powerful. Perhaps that’s why they tend to gravitate toward intense blues, since these deep shades have the ability to invoke a powerful response. And deep, rich blues can be used anywhere in a boy’s bedroom. Try a variation of this color by itself on an accent wall, in combination with a chair rail, or even on the ceiling for a feeling of the night sky!

Primary colors

Red, yellow, and blue used in combination are still some of the most effective color combos for boys’ bedrooms, especially for boys who love sports. Many sports teams use one of these bright hues colors in their team colors, either alone or mixed, and it’s no secret why. Boys and men often love the power as well as the simplicity of primary colors. Primary colors are stimulating, exciting, and compelling. They’re effective and influential, and that’s a big reason that primary colors in painting boys’ bedrooms remain popular this season and likely into the next. If you’re not sure how to incorporate primary colors or any of the other favorite boy colors into your boy’s bedroom, color wheels, home improvement stores, and residential painters are a wealth of information when it comes to helping to design color schemes with the right patterns and locations.

Boy colors are about enunciating the things that make a boy unique. His funny personality, his witty spirit, his courageous enthusiasm, his unique perspective … these can all be expressed in the colors you paint your son’s room. If you need some assistance in determining the color schemes and patterns that will work best in the bedroom of the boy in your life, contact a residential painter whose knowledge and expertise can help you turn your son’s bedroom into the boy cave of his dreams!

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