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October 17, 2014
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Bold Accent Colors and Mirrors

Paint ColorsThe great thing about colors and items in your rooms, is that you can virtually make a room have any specific feel to it.  For example, if you live in a small house or a small apartment that might sometimes have a claustrophobic feel to it, you can actually use colors and specific items like mirrors to change the feel of the room to a more open feel rather than closed in.  The secret to doing this is in the colors you choose, how much of that color you use and the items (like the mirror) you use.  If you want a few really great tips on how to maximize space and light in a room using paint and accessories, look no further than the tips below!


Bold Accent Colors


Unlike regular painting of walls which usually utilizes all four walls in a room, accent colors or accent walls use one specific wall in the room.  An accent wall can add a whole other dimension to a small room and make it look and feel much larger.  But, the colors you use are going to depend on the feel of the room.  Lighter colors are the colors that actually create a lighter space that makes the room seem bigger and lighter.  Sort of common sense.  If you want to create a room that looks bigger and feels brighter make sure you use mellow colors like yellow, white, pale blue, pale green, pink or even beige on an accent wall.  You would then want to use darker colors on accents like the trim.  This creates a “frame” within the frame and therefore makes it look bigger than it actually is.  If you aren’t really crazy about lighter colors like these, you can also use lighter and darker contrasting colors for the same result.


Ceiling Colors


When a lot of people paint an accent wall or all four walls, they also include the fifth wall – the ceiling and paint that the same color.  Instead, try using a white or off white paint on the ceiling.  This will give you another dimension and a new layer of space that will open up the room and make the ceiling look higher than it actually is, which will also help the room look bigger no matter what color the paint on the walls is.  Amazing how our eyes can get tricked by things like this, but it does work!


Mirrors in a Room


It might be surprising to know that mirrors can make a room look two times bigger than it actually is!  It works because the mirror reflects a copy of the room and gives the illusion of a bigger space than there really is.  To really maximize on this, make sure that your mirror is facing an area that has a painted accent wall.  You can also place mirrors in a room that reflect a pretty scene outside such as a view of the water, your yard, a tree, etc.  One of the most popular places for people to put a mirror, especially a wall to wall mirror to really accentuate the size of the room, is to place it directly behind the bed.  But, you can do the same thing with one or two smaller mirrors as well.  Another option to consider for reflection is to use mirrored closet doors as well as glass tables which will help with the flow of the room and make it look much larger than it actually is.


Accent Items


Accent items can’t really make a room look bigger, beyond using mirrors and glass tables, but this just proves that you can color coordinate a room using paint, accents and accessories using the same or various colors.  One way to go about this is to use one wall as an accent wall by pulling colors from something you already own – or visa versa.  For example, if you have a green and lavender comforter, you can pull the green from the comforter and use that as a color for your accent wall.  Alternatively, you can paint an accent wall purple and use accessories like carpets, picture frames and a comforter with purple as well as other color hues in it like lilac, blue and mauve.  The point is to use coordinating colors or colors of the same hues.


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