How Can Paint Color Improve Sleep?

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October 3, 2014
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How Can Paint Color Improve Sleep?

Guest bedroom design

Guest bedroom via Chad Jones

Color psychology is a big trend these days when it comes to paint, but even more so, it’s a very honest and true way to decide on the colors of your bedroom area.  Believe it or not, colors can evoke certain emotions – this might be a really important fact in your bedroom which is probably a place where you want a cool, calming and peaceful vibe.  If this is true you definitely need to start taking a better look at color psychology, what it is and better yet what colors you should be painting your bedrooms for the best effect.  Here are a few color ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get you excited about color psychology in the bedroom when it comes to paint colors.

Blue Paints for the Bedroom


A study was done in the UK on people inhabiting the area of the bedroom when it comes to colors.  Believe it or not, blue was one of the most beneficial colors of all the colors in the rainbow.  Here are some benefits of painting your bedroom blue and some tidbits about the survey that was done, that just might change your mind if you are having doubts about blue!


– Of the 2000 people surveyed about what color their rooms are, people showed a huge correlation between the color of your walls in the bedroom and the color of your decor.  Most of the people in the survey stated that when having a blue wall in their bedroom that they got better sleep.  Other people in the survey stated that caramel colored walls were having the most sex.  Crazy, but true!


– Better sleep is a huge benefit and of the 2000 people, most said that having a blue wall in their bedroom allowed them to sleep better calmer sleep – in fact, most have said that they received a solid and relaxing 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep on average than when they had their walls another color.


– Because blue is synonymous with things like oceans, water, the sky, etc.  It gives you a feeling of peacefulness as you enter the room as well as when you lay your head down to go to sleep.


Green Paints for the Bedroom


While blue is the #1 choice for bedrooms when it comes to sleep, green comes in a very close second.  In fact, most people that study color psychology say that green and blue are very beneficial for some of the same reasons.


– Certain shades of green can also help calm your nerves which will help you sleep tight at night without tossing and turning worrying about the next day ahead.


– Green can also relax your mind, as well as help you sleep better and deeper – most people in the survey above were quoted as saying they got an average of 7 1/2 hours of sleep at night.  Less than blue, but almost as good!


– Green also has the ability to make you feel upbeat, happy and positive when you wake up in the morning or after sleep.


Orange Paints for the Bedroom


Orange might seem like an odd color to paint your bedroom when it comes time to thinking about a Residential Painter in Summit, but orange is also said to be a very calming color, especially certain duller shades of orange.


– If digestion is an issue for you, you might be surprised to know that the color orange or certain shades, can actually help aid in digestion.  Weird, but very true!


– Orange can also make a person feel safe and secure in the room which will help in aiding them to fall asleep quicker and not worry about the day ahead of them.


– Orange is slightly less statistical when it comes to amount of sleep per night versus blue, but orange is pretty darn close at an average of 7 hours and 28 minutes of sleep people are getting when they sleep in an orange bedroom.


Obviously there are a whole slew of other colors, but these three seem to really be popular and trendy when it comes to the psychology of colors in the bedroom and finding the best colors for sleep and peacefulness.  So if you really want to let your worries melt away, you want a good night’s sleep without waking up or tossing or turning, and you want to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed, be sure to check out some shades of blue, green or orange.  This would also be a great time to start figuring out your accent colors for things like bedspreads, walls and decor.  Be sure to check out those color swatches out to find the best shades for the bedroom.

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