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Popular Interior Painting Themes

purple accent colorsIf you are thinking about House Painting in Summit the first thing you might be looking at is the scheme or theme you have going on now.  It’s no secret that the color of your walls can make or break a room, so it should be no big surprise that picking the right colors is imperative.  The right paint colors or schemes can not only help enhance the space of the room, but certain colors can even render certain emotions.  Colors can also be incredibly strong by making a room feel cooler or warmer – yes, colors can actually make you perceive the space to be different temperature wise!  The right color themes can also help transform a small room and make it look bigger or a larger room and make it seem smaller, alternatively the right colors can also lighten up a dark room or dim down a light room.  Here are a few examples:


Orange: Believe it or not, this simple color can evoke creativity.  It’s true!  if you like to write at home or you want to find new ways to organize or you want to find new ways to be creative in a certain room, paint it with accents of orange and just see how it makes you more creative.  Not only can orange paint do this, but orange anything – an orange mouse pad, an orange picture frame, etc.  It is, after all, the color synonymous with being happy and the sun.  Yellow can also do the same thing.


Blue:  If you have a home office, blue is said to be the best color to paint your walls.  Blue evokes efficiency and productivity.  Unlike in some instances when blue is considered to be a “sad” color, the opposite is true when you paint a wall a pretty deep color of blue.


Red:  Deep and vibrant red walls have been known to raise the energy levels in the home and get people excited in the room.  People say that red walls are too exciting for the bedroom because it gets your adrenal glands pumping and your heart racing.  Instead, a perfect room would be an entry hall or entry way to invite your guests in.


Green:  if you want a tranquil color to calm your nerves, ease the stresses of the day, and help you sleep better, green is the way to go.  You can try an entire green room, a green accent wall, or green accents like throw pillows, frames or throw blankets for the bed.  Either way, you can be sure that when you enter a green bedroom at night you will feel calm and at peace to sleep for the night.


There are, of course, many other colors that evoke emotions.  But, if you want to lighten up a dark room and you want to make it look bigger, try pastels or neutral colors as well as monochromatic color scheme for accents in the room such as on furniture, frames, rugs, etc.  If you want to dim an overly bright room try darker colors like cranberry red, navy blues, deep greens and deep oranges.


While all these different color schemes do something, it’s still important you pick colors that you like.  For example, if you absolutely hate green, no one expects you to paint your bedroom green – even though it would be a really good idea!  The psychology of colors is and has always been a big design trend.  A lot of people tend to follow along with the psychology of it because it really just makes a lot of sense.  One of the best ideas is to visit a local paint store and get a few different swatches.  Just because green is harmonious and synonymous with peace, doesn’t mean every color of green on the horizon will do it.  Find a color that blends with your homes decor, one that you like and one that you really feel good about when it comes to Interior Painting in Summit.  One of the most important things you can do before painting a room, besides getting color swatches is to ask yourself a few questions:


1- Where is the room located in the home?

2- How many windows are in the room and in which location are they?

3- Do you have grass, plants, flowers or any landscaping outside these windows which will affect the colors and feel of the room?

4- How do you want the room to feel as far as color psychology goes?  Relaxing, energizing, peaceful, etc.


Once you sit down and answer these questions, especially #4 you will have a better understanding of what colors to paint the room.

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