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August 22, 2014
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PurplePurple … it might just be the coolest color ever! Call it violet, call it plum, call it lavender … whatever moniker you choose for this vivid and luscious hue, purple is one of the top colors of the 2014 season. Purple is peppering the world in a big way this year. And this year’s purples are all about taking what’s outside in the natural world and bringing it inside for harmony with surroundings like never before.

Purple has become the go-to color for people who want a little more passion in their interior designs. The many shades and tints of purple are showing up in kitchens, bathrooms, and every other room of the house where New Jersey homeowners want to shake things up.

Kitchen painting
Gone are the days when people opted for the old standby colors in the kitchen. You know those colors that were used way back when because no other choices were available. Today, because they’ve gotten bigger, bolder, and more bustling than ever, kitchens are about fusing all that festive activity with homeowner’s personalities. That’s why purple is so big these days. It is one of the most versatile colors ever, especially if you’re someone whose looking for something with a little more warmth and zeal. If you really want to go big with purple in the kitchen, try one of Benjamin Moore’s vivid versions of it, like ‘fire and ice,’ ‘ultraviolet ‘or’ purple rain.’ For homeowners who prefer something on the more subdued and natural side, Benjamin Moore has introduced their ‘new neutrals’ … a color palette that’s injecting a little uniqueness into the old standby neutrals. In this new collection, they’ve got three fabulous soft neutral purples that are perfect, frankly, anywhere in the home. These are ‘lavender mist,’ ‘iced mauve,’ and ‘super nova.’

Bathroom painting
The Benjamin Moore new neutrals are ideal for the bathroom as well. ‘Lavender mist’ is a splendid purple that can be both vivacious and romantic, while ‘super nova’ looks like it was taken straight from nature to match perfectly with just about any bathroom decor. If you’re thinking something a little more on the rich side of purple, you might want to try Sherwin Williams’ ‘fabulous grape,’ ‘juneberry,’ or ‘hot.’ And for the incurable romantic, Valspar has some soothing colors, such as ‘purple mist,’ ‘dusted gloam,’ and ‘pale orchid.’

If you’ve never considered painting the exterior of your New Jersey house with purple, you’re probably thinking right about now about changing your mind on that one, and there might be a very good explanation for that. Perhaps it’s because you’ve never realized before just how versatile and adaptable the color purple can be. The many different shades and tones of purple are making purple one of the most useful hues of the season, and the reasons are clear. Purple is beautiful and unique. And its richness, both in the natural as well as the interior design worlds, is like no other color of the rainbow. Variations on purple are showing up in entranceways this year in a big way. Again, any one of the Benjamin Moore new-neutral purples can transform an unwelcoming entranceway into an inviting thing of beauty. If you’re somebody who likes to go big, you can even paint the entire exterior of your home with a sumptuous variation on plum or amethyst. Valspar’s ‘plum legacy’ or ‘mellow mauve’ can make your home stand out with refinement without coming off as gaudy. And Sherwin Williams’ ‘expressive plum,’ ‘plum violet,’ or ‘plummy’ used on a door, entranceway, trim, or other accents can convert a tired, dull house into picture-perfect artwork.

Purple is fast becoming one of the world’s most treasured and prevalent colors. The depth and passion of any and every shade, tint, or tone of purple cannot be matched in the world of color. From the lightest tints of lavender to the deepest shades of plum, the richness of the color purple is unmistakable, unmatchable, and unequaled in the natural world. And now, thanks to the splendid new versions of purple in paint stores everywhere, the many variations of this gorgeous hue are finding an ideal shade of purple for every room of the house.

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