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August 6, 2014
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August 22, 2014
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What are The Shades of Black?

black HoleDid you ever wonder why all colors mixed together equal black? Simple. It’s ’cause black’s the thing. It’s the direction. It’s the movement. It’s the color all other colors aspire to. Black is the reason the other colors exist, and it’s where they all head to be part of the pack. Black is elegant and yet mischievous. It’s dutiful and yet carefree. Black is the epitome of worldly with a touch of mystery added in. If you’ve ever considered painting your home’s interior or exterior with black but you weren’t quite sure how to go about it, or if it even would work out well, here are some tips on painting with black that, like the color black itself, will make your Short Hills home the standard by which all others in your neighborhood are measured. Sure, painting with black can be a little tricky, but if it’s done well black accents will set a mood in your home like nobody’s business. The simple fact is that black in all its forms can add both fun and elegance to any room of the house.

Believe it or not, accessorizing any room with black can work, if you do it right. Naturally, black and white make gray. Black and orange can make a stunning dark brown. Black and blue can make a brown or a darker blue. However, if you add too much black to any color, or you start with black and add a color, you could end up with a color that has a dirty look or feel to it, and you probably don’t want that. The best thing to do when painting with black is to do one of two things: either start with the smallest cans of paint you can find and add other colors to it that interest you, or start with that color and then add black to it. Next, when you’ve arrived at the shade you like, take that paint can to a paint or home improvement store, and have the knowledgeable folks there match it in a bigger can of paint for you.

One of the year’s biggest colors is gray. Both black added to white or white added to black can result in a smashing gray that will work perfectly in a contemporary kitchen, especially if you’ve got some of today’s stainless steel or silvery-hued appliances. Orange is another huge trend this year in paint colors, and orange with a little black mixed in can both brighten up a dark kitchen and tone down a kitchen that’s too flashy. Black accents in a bathroom are almost a given, especially if you’ve got black fixtures. If you’re afraid it’ll all just be too much black, add a little white to freshen up black fixtures that look tired. A touch of black added to blue all mixed up and painted on a wall or accents can add some soft romance to a dull bathroom.

Exterior painting with black is getting to be one of the biggest trends in years. A white house with black accents, or even a black house (if it’s done well) with white accents … these are hot this year and getting hotter. Black on shutters, entranceways, doors, and trim will help to make a house stand out from others. Here again gray is topping most other colors for popularity in 2014. Black with a little white added to it, or vice versa, and then painted on an entranceway and some white accents will make it look clean and fresh, almost like a brand new home!

Of course, painting with black isn’t easy. Certain rooms of the house such as bathrooms need higher gloss paints because of the humidity that can build up. In this case, using flat paints is a bad idea. However, black can show imperfections in walls, so if you’re painting with black and you’re not confident in your own skills, you might want to contact a painting contractor in Short Hills for some assistance to make sure it’s done right the first time.

Black … making a comeback? Hardly! Black never goes out of style. It doesn’t have to … it’s black! It’s the leader of all the other colors because of its beauty, grace, and versatility. Whether it’s an interior wall, bathroom fixtures, or the exterior shutters, any area of your home will be revamped from its former dull self into a dazzling work of art with some black accents artfully painted throughout. With the stroke of a brush, no other color transforms a home quite like black.

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