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July 31, 2014
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What are The Shades of White?

Polar Bear WhiteA poet once described white as “not a mere absence of color … but as fierce as red, as definitive as black.” How true! White is no longer just a standby or a backup when no decision can be made. White is its own paradox. It’s both traditional and trendy, simultaneously classical and contemporary. No other paint color has the power of the clean, crisp, brightness of white. It can be used in any room at any time, matched with any furniture, and combined with every style. White has the ability to transform a room in your New Jersey home like no other color there is. If you’re not convinced that you should paint with white in a big way, here are some tips on how to use shades of white in your next interior or exterior painting project.

Besides black, white really is the only color that can be used anywhere with every color palette and every interior design style ever imagined. All right, so technically white isn’t a color. It’s actually the absence of color. Did you know that? You did? Oh, well then, did you also know, smarty pants, that the word ‘shade’ actually means to add black to a color? That is, in fact, why the title of this article is ‘shades of white’ and not ‘tints of white’ … because a tint of a color means adding, you guessed it, white! Clearly, impossible when painting with white.

Kitchen painting
Using white in a kitchen, frankly, is a given. (Hey, that almost rhymes!) If you’re like most New Jersey homeowners, you love your kitchen to be bright and active. Your family and friends always end up in your kitchen, no matter the occasion. For this reason, white is the perfect paint color to use in a kitchen, especially if you choose one of the glossier paints that will add a feeling of brilliance, while still have the capacity of being cleaned easily. And any other color with white added to it … forget it! White makes every color sunnier and sassier, and isn’t that the perfect mood for a kitchen? White paint with a little yellow added to it can take a too-bright yellow and make it the perfect antique or ivory for a kitchen. White with blue or green mixed in will brighten a kitchen, while not giving it a cold feeling.

Bathroom painting
A glossy white paint with blue added might just be the perfect shade of white for a bathroom. It gives a bathroom a soft, romantic feeling, and the gloss can handle a bathroom’s moisture very well. White with orange mixed in to bring it down to a soft pumpkin or a muted mandarin is one of this year’s hottest trends for painting a bathroom. The shades that a mixture of orange and white can create are whimsical, warm, adventurous, and dreamy, all at the same time!

White on the exterior of your house? But of course! Who doesn’t want at least white accents on the outside of their home? Painting the exterior of a house, whether it’s the entire thing or just a little adornment here and there, has always been a favorite simply because of white’s crispness and purity. White on the exterior of a house makes it pop, especially if it’s used as an accent with another color that’s a little more on the uncommon side. If you’re using white paint on the outside of your home, try one of the higher glosses. They wear better on the exterior of a home than one of the flat paints. Semi-gloss is often a choice of professional house painters because it won’t show all your home’s blemishes the way the high gloss paints can, but it doesn’t take all the upkeep of a flat paint. Whites with blue added are perfect for just about every architectural style from contemporary to traditional. Blacks and reds added to white also fit into nearly every style of home, and you can’t beat gray when it comes to popularity this year.

To quote the poet, “God never paints so gorgeously … as when He paints with white.” If you thought painting any part of your New Jersey home with white would be a substitute, just a temporary thing until you make up your mind what color palette you really want, think again! White is the most versatile color ever. In fact, white is such a gifted color … it’s a non-color! It goes above and beyond for any area you paint with it, no matter the room, no matter the mood, no matter the style.

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