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GreenGreen’s been green since before there was ‘green.’ Say what? That’s right! Green is the color of most of the natural world, and this is why nothing is more green than green. Come again? Take a look outside your window, and name every green item in nature. Trees, leaves, grass, fruits, vegetables, insects, and literally thousands of plants … the list of green that surrounds and enhances human life is nearly endless. It’s where ‘going green’ started, and that’s why painting your Summit County home with green will not only strengthen its organic beauty, it will blend your house harmoniously with everything around it. Whether it’s one room, your home’s entire exterior, or just a few accents here and there, house painting that’s done with green is a sure thing.

Green may just be the ultimate color. Its neutrality makes it blend with nearly everything, and anything that doesn’t go with the color wheel’s original green, well, green’s versatility has a counterpart that does. This year, the website of Benjamin Moore has unveiled its ‘new neutrals’ color palette, and it’s packed with some of the most enchanting greens you’ve ever seen. These are shades and tints of green that will work in literally every room. And painting your home’s exterior with any of these tantalizing green neutrals may just amount to the best paint project you’ve ever accomplished. If you’ve got a farmhouse, colonial, or Victorian, try a couple coats of ‘van alen green.’ This color is part of their ‘Historic Colour Collection,’ a group of tried-and-true traditional green variations that come straight from Benjamin Moore’s most popular color palette. Other colors in this collection that blend perfectly with traditional architectures from the 18th and 19th centuries include ‘landscape,’ ‘Buckingham gardens,’ and ‘pine barrens.’ Pair any of these with one of their other new neutrals, such as ‘wickham gray’ or ‘white dove,’ for a breathtaking effect on trims, shutters, entry-ways, and front doors.

Green is a time-honored choice for every room of the house. Living room painting is a perfect way to paint with various shades, tones, or tints of green, as the hue of green has a variation that matches every furniture and window treatment color palette. Additionally, as living room furniture gets rearranged or reupholstered more than the setup of any other room of the house, green is a natural neutral that doesn’t have to be updated every time something new is done to the living room.

One of the most popular colors for bedroom painting is green simply because it is so versatile. Many people choose to change bed linens with the seasons, and having green walls, or even just green paint accents, keeps the bedroom timely and effortless. No one wants to have to repaint a room after every season, or even every year. For this reason, as bed linens, window treatments, comforters, and other bedroom accessories are replaced, the walls can be left in their beautiful greens to blend elegantly with every new season’s updates.

Using green to paint the bathroom is also a great idea, especially since many forms of green look beautiful in higher glosses. Since the bathroom notoriously can get fogged and humid, nothing ruins the beauty of this room more than cracked and bubbling paint on the walls. If you can’t decide what colors to choose, try matching one of the more softer greens with Benjamin Moore’s new neutral shade of ‘distant gray’ in a semi-gloss. This combination will create an easy, romantic look and feel that won’t bend to the moisture that can build up in a steamy bathroom. Behr also has its fabulous ‘pale pistachio,’ ‘topiary tint,’ or for a bolder look, ‘fresh pine.’ Any of these colors complemented by their ‘cool white’ or ‘relaxing green’ will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom’s decor.

It’s been said that green is the prime color of the world, and who could argue with that? Nothing pulls the natural world in and around your home better than painting with shades, tints, or tones of green. As the color that connects most closely with nature, there’s no going wrong if you paint with green. If you’re thinking of starting a house painting job, contact a skilled house painter in your New Jersey neighborhood who can help you decide the best greens for your home. There’s a reason why it’s called ‘evergreen’ … because nothing transforms and rejuvenates in the very spirit of life itself more completely than the color green.

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