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RedEvery personality study declares red as the color fave of the most dynamic people on Earth, and for good reason … red rocks! Red is an awe-inspiring fireball of intense color that is unmatched, both on the color wheel and in nature. Its vibrant zeal can renew, regenerate, and revitalize any and every room in your Summit County home. Of course, that kind of power must be wielded wisely. If you’re someone whose painting skills are of the newbie variety, your love of red may not be enough to convince you to use it in your next house-painting project. You so want to paint your bedroom or bathroom, or even your home’s exterior, with shades or tints of your beloved red, but your beginner’s dexterity has kept you from doing it. Here are some tips for choosing the right reds in any room of your use, as well as information on how painting with red doesn’t have to scare you anymore.

Obviously, painting any room in your house with any tint, tone, or shade of red will make a bold statement. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms painted with any variations on red will evoke all manner of emotions, and painting your home’s exterior with it will make it stand out from the other homes on your block. You want to make sure you choose the right colors and you get the paint job perfect.

How to choose
Naturally, after you’ve decided which area of your house to paint red, you’ll need to choose which reds are right for you and your home. First, consider what kind of an ambience you wish to create. For bedroom painting, you may want to try darker, more muted varieties of red. Even though the lights will be off, you don’t want to walk into your bedroom feeling sleepy and ready for bed, only to have its red walls wake you back up again. Be mindful of using red in a bathroom, as some of its more muted tones can make this room look and feel smaller. Since your bathroom is likely one of the smallest rooms in your house, you might want to start by just painting one wall red as a focal point. Red accent trims are also a wonderful way to pull red into the bathroom without making it feel more cramped. In fact, if your bathroom’s fixtures are already another warm color, such as yellow, adding red accents is a great way to add depth and make it look more stylish at the same time. Red is a bold and beautiful color for kitchen painting, since the kitchen is often the most lived-in room of the house. Kitchens typically can take the most vibrant reds since red’s liveliness tends to fuse very well with the active spirit in this room of the house.

How to fuse
Painting with red can take extra prep work. Don’t skip steps, especially when painting with the most vibrant forms of it. You want to be certain that red works perfectly in any room you’ve chosen to use it, so you need to make sure you’ve painted properly. Remove everything from the room before you begin priming and painting. Line the floors with durable drop cloths that won’t allow for any seepage into floors, and make sure every inch is covered. You may want to contact a knowledgeable house painter to determine which color of primer will work the best with the reds you’ve chosen, as some work better with gray primer, while others work best with pink primers. (White primers can leave you in a never-ending painting frenzy, as these can have you painting with five or more layers of red before you reach the color you want.) Don’t purchase the cheapest paint rollers and brushes, as these can flake and leave splotches and clumps of red. More than likely, you will need to paint more than one coat, no matter what red color you’ve chosen. Allow each coat to dry for 24 hours before beginning the next. Finally, always remove tape when paint is wet, as removing it after it dries pulls off the paint job you’ve just done.

You love red, but it doesn’t love you. You’ve tried to paint with it in the past, but its sharp intensity stopped you from using it in the rooms you desire to be red. But there’s really no reason to be afraid of red. Sure, it’s bold, but it’s also beautiful. Nothing can make a house pop quite like a bright or even muted red on an inviting front door or entry-way, a high-powered kitchen, or even a traditional, romantic bedroom. If you’d like to give painting with red a try, but you’re still not sure how to make it look its best, contact a house painter in New Jersey who can answer all your questions and assist in your red house-painting endeavor.

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