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BlueIt’s been ranked the world’s favorite color consistently for decades. More than half of the world’s flags contain it. Nearly all corporate logos use it. Some cultures even believe it stops ‘the evil eye’ in its tracks! Of course, it’s the color blue. From the magnificence of the ocean, to the brilliance of the sky, to the charm of a happy chirping bird, blue is the color wheel’s rock star, and its popularity is ever increasing. And when it comes to painting your home, inside or out, there’s not another color that ranks higher than blue. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and home exteriors everywhere flow with all manner of rich and enchanting tints and tones of blue. Here are some of the most popular blues for 2014, as well as some tips on painting your house with variations of the world’s color fave.

Painting any room of the house with a shade or tint of blue is pretty much a no-brainer. No matter if you’re painting the interior or the exterior, if it’s well executed, painting with blue is a great idea. Because there’s a variation on it to match just about every other color there is, you can’t go wrong with blue. In fact, Benjamin Moore’s website has declared a brand new neutral color palette, and many of the colors they’ve come up with start or end with some form of blue. One of their most popular new neutrals is ‘breath of fresh air,’ an elegant soft robin egg tint that goes with almost everything. Perfect for a spring revamp in bedroom painting, a romantic update in bathroom painting, or a refreshing transformation in the kitchen, ‘breath of fresh air’ is the perfect rejuvenation all over your home’s interior.

For a traditional yet unique variation on this year’s love affairs with both blue and gray, Benjamin Moore’s new neutrals also include the inimitable ‘Mt. Rainier Gray.’ This color is a twist on blue with a twinge of gray, and it’s perfect for your Summit County home’s exterior. Whether you choose it for an inviting front door, a charming addition to the trim, a beguiling new entry-way, or for the entire exterior surface of your farmhouse, colonial-style home, or cottage, this graceful, tasteful, and uncommon blue tone is a splendid style choice.

If a bolder blue is more your style, perfect for a lively living room paint project is Sherwin Williams’ ‘dynamic blue’ or its lighter tint, ‘undercool.’ These two blues can make for a cheerful revitalization of your living room. Try painting all four walls with just one hue, opt for a combination of two or three variations with white or ivory trim, or choose one focal wall and create a dazzling effect that will enhance your home’s interior decor beautifully.

If you’re into keeping up with all the latest fashions and crazes, this fall’s clothing designers are agreeing with paint companies that blue will be all the rage for the upcoming autumn season. Two of the most popular color variations will be royal blue and aluminum. If you’re someone who enjoys the tried-and-true looks that never go out of style, royal blue makes a grand addition to an entranceway, a bedroom, or even a bathroom accompanied by soft, cascading window treatments and accessories. If you prefer a more muted ambience, aluminum is a tone that fuses pure blue with white and black. It’s a more toned-down, grayish color that not only works well in a romantic bedroom or bathroom, but works great for just about any area of the house, including your home’s exterior.

Your blue jeans may fade, but the popularity of blue never will. There are a myriad of reasons why blue is the world’s most treasured hue. Blue can be soft and soothing. It can be bold and brilliant. It can evoke every human emotion there is. That’s why the world continues to be devoted to it, and that’s why more people are painting their homes with blue in 2014 and beyond. If you’re planning a house-painting project and you have questions on the best blues to use in your Summit County home, contact a skilled house painter in your area of New Jersey to have all your questions answered.

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