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The basement is often the most overlooked and underdeveloped area of your home.  However, with some updated remodeling it can be your favorite room in your house, given the same attention to detail that goes into your kitchen or bathrooms.

Trends in Contemporary Basement Ideas

Natural design options are contemporary trends for bringing to life your basement.  Stone wall tiles provide a rustic, timeless look and feel and add to the coziness desired by the room much time is spent in relaxing.

Another trending and practical design is the use of vinyl or laminate flooring which aids in moisture resistance.  In addition the variety of colors, texture and price range allows personal style and costs ranges for all personalities and budgets.

Whether you have full length windows, sliding glass doors, or compact windows, the use of window treatments are a vital asset to a basement remodeling.  Choose colors, textures and designs which complement the flooring and walls colors chosen for the overall atmosphere.

Many times one of the hesitation in remodeling the basement is the loss of storage space, so it is vital that creative ideas are employed to preserve as much storage as possible.  Much of the unused spaces can be transformed into storage areas.  Under the stairs is prime space for storage cabinets and drawers.  Other storage can be placed in recesses in the walls.

Fireplaces or stand-alone wood stoves not only have the practical purpose of heating the colder zone of your home and decreasing damaging moisture build up – it can create a soothing ambiance throughout your basement retreat.  Gas fireplaces have become quite popular over the past few years.  Again, choose a brick or color which adds to the color scheme you are developing for this area.

It is common to find the laundry areas in the basements of homes, so it is important not to overlook this area during a remodel.  Here is another prime location for additional storage and sophistication.  Updating appliances, wash areas, utility sinks and especially the additions of built in storage and customized clothing racks.

General to Specified Themes

Above are the general trending concepts for basement remodels.  However, it is important to determine what purpose you want your basement to serve in your home’s dynamics.  Is this to be a TV room, a central entertaining area, a family game room, or a home bar area?

Depending on budget, a TV room generally centers on a large flat screen TV as a focal point and surrounded by comfortable seating.  An area can be established to maintain a supply of snacks and drinks to complete the mini theater feel.

Entertaining or home bars bring a more leisure décor, perhaps a combination of play areas, entertainment and eating area.  Current themes link these areas with an outdoor area for warm weather activities with easy and convenient traffic flow between these areas.

Family game room must have enough square footage to establish a gaming area that does not feel crowded or confining.  No one wants to play in an area so compact it does not meet the burden of a relaxing and fun environment.

Painting to Accent Basement Remodeling

Traditionally paneling and dark, warm colors have been the status quo among basement décor.  However, some basics of choosing a color scheme are:  to compliment the largest pattern or fixture in the room, utilize the color wheel, and take the lighting into consideration for choosing colors.

If you are designing your basement remodel around a TV or sitting area then colors should complement the typically darker borders of TVs and couches should have neutral colors mixed in with them.  These can be lighter warm colors, grays, tans, earthy accents to create a cozy affect for your basement area.

The color wheel plays a vital part in color choice and combinations.  This devise is a circle of 12 sections, with each displaying a different color created from the three primary colors of red, green and blue.  These three form a triangle within the color wheel and set the pattern of hue relationship between the primary, secondary and complementary colors.  From this basic color wheel comes a sometimes very overwhelming number of color options.  For a more serene feel it is good to choose a combination of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  To energize your area a triadic color scheme of colors found at given intervals on the color scheme, allowing an increase in energies.

Many basements do not get a great deal of natural light and depend on artificial light fixtures to provide adequate visual atmosphere.  White reflects the most light, and recessed and other light fixtures will allow for a greater variety and increased options for the color schemes of your choice.  With the addition of lighting, deep colors can add the versatility to create a dual environment of low light coziness and brighter family game room or entertainment environment.

Overall, it is imperative that your basement remodel suit your needs, goals and atmosphere of your desired use of this space.  It is truly an area that your home can show off your character and personality.  This can be contracted out to a professional interior painter who specializes in residential painting in Madison or you can do your own house painting to have more control over your budget expenses.

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