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Enhance Brick Exteriors with Trim

Brick itself was not originally designed to be painted and takes a considerable amount of work to maintain once painted, so how else can you add an updated look to your brick home?  Brick is chosen as an exterior finish because in its original state, it requires less maintenance than siding, stucco or other exterior material. Thus brick is one of the most sought after finishes.  So rather than create a tri-annual demand for time consuming, manually intense project; most home owners opt to focus on the trim, doors, shutters, windows, soffits, vents and gutters.

Options for Enhancing Brick Exteriors

Exterior trim and molding is one way to utilize practical and aesthetic structures to enhance the basic brick look of your home. These come in traditional wood products and newer PVC materials.  There are a variety of options including the trim near gutters, over windows and even brackets near the roof line, which allows for color schemes as well as design structures.

Shutters and window trim is another area that can accent and provide accents.  Most homes also utilize vents and gutters which allow flexibility and fluidity of these functional exterior staples. These, depending upon the material they are made from, come in a variety of colors or can be painted.

The soffits, generally referring to the ones under the roof space of the overhangs can be painted to reflect light and accentuate the brick color.

Doors are one exterior feature which can make the most dynamic accent to the exterior brick color.  Doors have become so versatile in design, color and styles that they can make a very bold statement.

The enhancements of these features will go a long way to creating curb appeal and your unique style and personality can be reflected to all who pass by or visit.

Exterior Accents and Colors to Enhance Brick Exteriors

House painting can do many things to boost a home.  Exterior painting can not only give you a fresh perception of your home, it can add curb appeal and reveal your personal style and personality all while increasing your home value.  The Madison and Chatham areas of New Jersey have many residential painting experts who can assist with these projects including coordinating colors to enhance your home.  This could be a DIY project or a professional exterior painter can be contracted.  These exterior professionals are not always as plentiful as interior painters, however knowledge of exterior paints and design is of great value.

Red brick continues to be a common fixture among brick exteriors.  Trending colors that can enhance this and other dark brick are the lighter and neutral colors which soften the effect of the darker exterior of your home.  Neutral colors such as off whites, tans, taupe and such variations bring out the design and style. Gables, windows, doors, and overall trims can really outline the structure and character of the house when the chosen color compliments the brick exterior.

However, it is becoming increasingly popular to utilize multiple colors or shades when refinishing the trim and accents around brick.  The architecture of the house dictates which areas should have the most subtle colors while the accent colors and doors commonly get the most drastic contrasting shades to highlight entry ways.

Choose your colors based on your preferences and paint chip samples; however, the caution comes with knowing that small samples do not do justice to the intensity when it covers a larger area.  It is therefore, recommended that earthier versions be utilized; for example, gray mixed with blues/greens and brown to reds/oranges.

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