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May 12, 2014
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May 27, 2014
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Accent paint colors can instantly transform any interior wall paint color. From bold to subtle, vintage to futuristic, the choices are endless. Accent paint colors indicate that the main décor is beautiful and should be admired as such.

Paint color choices for accent colors can go from timeless to trendy. The choice simply matters upon your overall paint design.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. The wonderful thing about accent paint colors is that they are relatively easy to paint over if you absolutely hate your initial choice.


Cream and beige are the normal go to colors for accent paint colors, but your paint color theme just doesn’t seem like beige fits in. Your interior paint choice feels quirky, and you want to continue that quirkiness. There is something about the colors violet and purple that just intrigues you. So go with it. Violet and purple it is.

Violet and purple are both placed between red and blue on the color wheel. Purple occupies the space closer to red, between crimson and violet. Violet is closer to blue, and is usually less intense and bright than purple. Violet, as it brightens, looks bluer. The same effect does not happen with purple. Be sure to take this effect into account when choosing your accent color.

A warm shade of yellow such as canary or sunflower becomes even more striking when paired with a cool shade of violet such as orchid or mulberry. The high contrast of complementary violet colors creates a vibrant look against primary yellow. For an even more visually stunning theme, pair warm canary with BOTH orchid and mulberry. Using both shades of violet in the paint color theme brings depth and character to the surroundings.

Balmy purple shades of magenta or plum are reminiscent of tropical island gardens overlooking serene cerulean blue seas. Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as blue and purple usually match well and create tranquil paint color designs.  Color schemes involving purple are found in nature and are considered well-balanced. Add opulence by painting walls an intense jewel tone such as sapphire blue and accent with luxurious sparkling amethyst.

Even in a monochromatic setting, violet and purple can be used as accent colors. Choosing violet as the primary paint color, wisteria, lavender blush, and aubergine are beautiful accents that enhance the focal point for any room. The imaginative paint color choice also stands out, making the concentrated violet even more dramatic. Quirky purple becomes even more imaginative when paired with pale mauve, deep Japanese violet, and soft heather. Create the illusion of texture by interchanging the accent paint colors along different walls.

Violet and purple as accent paint colors can be bold or subtle, vintage or futuristic. The choice simply matters upon your overall paint design. You can create pattern and give texture to any room with accent paint colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Your paint color choices show character and dimension to your personality. You paint how you feel, so let the quirkiness come forth!

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