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May 7, 2014
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May 19, 2014
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Hallways are traditionally not a focus for paint color choices, but this space can be fun to paint. Hallways are transition rooms, so the normal traditional painting rules can go out the door. With such slackness of rules, you can easily go from classic to modern to futuristic in a matter of steps.

For our purposes, let’s say we’re working with an upper level hallway. The layout is 3 bedrooms, 2 linen closets and 1 bathroom. Each room has its own paint color design. The hallway paint color can be a transition between all of these rooms in a very interesting way. The paint color can also serve as an indicator of each room for guests. Also, because the rules can be slightly bent, neutral choices can go out the window.

Go green

Let’s bring the outside in! Go green! Wait, what? Yes, let’s go green for the hallway. But the rooms are all different colors. How can green transition all of those colors you ask? The right green paint color can do all of that, and quite easily.

Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, youth and life. The right green paint color avoids making a room look dated. And if the green does go out of style, a new green paint color can refresh the same room for a new era. The avocado of the 1970’s becomes updated to the new millennium in pistachio. Green is a win-win color!

Paler shades of green such as artichoke and moss are excellent nature inspired choices. These paint colors can ensure your hallway allows visually appealing and easy transitions from room to room. A moss green painted hallway beautifully transitions into a beige or pink bedroom for a soothing eye experience. A hallway in a relaxing artichoke green cools the warmth of a tropical blue bathroom while keeping a crisp white bedroom from appearing too sterile. Even the door on a linen closet painted in moss or artichoke green creates seamless paint color in the hallway. Different interior painting techniques such as color washing or plastic wrap painting create pattern and character to what could be an otherwise pretty, but plain, paint color.

For those who have no fear of bold and bright, intense shades of green paint colors can really make a statement. Vivid greens such as lime or harlequin green blossom when toned down with a darker shade such as olive or hunter green. Pink bedrooms receive a stunning visual contrast when viewed from a hallway with lime and hunter green paint color. A tropical blue bathroom evokes memories of aCaribbean flea market when glimpsed from a lime and olive green hallway. Harlequin and olive green become cool and trendy viewed from a white bedroom and fashionably hip when next to a beige bedroom. Painting techniques such as rag rolling and sponge painting take the harsh glare out of such intense green paint colors and give texture and dimension to the wall surface.

Hallway paint colors are not traditionally a focus for paint choices, however this space can be quite fun to decorate. Hallways are transition rooms, so you can easily go from classic to modern to futuristic in a matter of steps. The hallway paint color can be a subtle or stunning visual transition between interior room paint decor. Painting the hallways takes a bit of thinking outside the box but that’s ok – the hallway is the room outside of the box anyway!

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