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Spring House Painting Tips

The spring is the ideal time to paint a house. The weather is near perfect and you have less inclement days. There are a few steps to keep in mind when getting the exterior of the home ready to paint.  You can make exterior painting in Summit a DIY project over the course of a weekend, or you could hire a professional service. It will save a lot of money to do it yourself.

Pressure Wash the Exterior First

It is important to pressure wash the exterior of a home. What this does is help to remove algae, mold, dirt and loose paint from the surface. A clean, fresh surface is required in order for the paint to go on smoothly. The pressure washing process should be done at a 45-degree angle and should not include soap or cleaners of any kind.

Pressure washers can be used on wood, cedar shake and siding. The angle is very important, as is a steady hand to prevent dents or craters from occurring on the surface.

Sand before Painting

Once the pressure washing process is complete, the entire home needs to dry. If it is a cloudy day, consider using large, industrial fans to dry the exterior faster. As the house dries, it should be lightly sanded to ensure that all of the surfaces are even and smooth. Included in the sanding process is blowing the dust off of the prepped areas too. Any small particle or piece of debris can hinder the way the paint goes on.

Choose Colors Wisely

Pick a color that will not show much dirt. If you do not plan to pressure wash the exterior of the home regularly, color choice is everything. Avoid selecting off-the-wall colors or those that are too bright. Traditional exterior home colors are trending. This means that you should opt for colors such as white, gray, yellow or a light blue. Some green hues are also acceptable when they are mixed with gray. The trim should complement the base color. The entry door should be bold to make a statement. For instance, if you have a white house with black trim, consider a bright red door.

Use Paint Samples First

Before you start the venture of painting the whole house, use a paint sprayer with a bit of paint from a sample jar to see how it looks dry. You should choose 4 – 5 colors to use against each other to pick the best one. Select options that work for your specific tastes. Ensure that you have a trim color that complements the exterior base color well. Generally speaking, you should use a lighter trim with a darker base color and vice versa.

Consider using a Paint Sealant

Exterior paint is not always mixed with a sealant. It is ideal to consider using a separate sealant product. This will help the paint to keep its integrity for a longer period of time. It will also chip less as rain hits it. Rain water does contain a bit of acid, and in areas such as Somerset where rain is prevalent, it can fade exterior painting glow and fresh appeal.

Also Stain Decks and Patios

At the same time that you are painting the exterior of a home, you should stain and seal patios and decks. Completing all of this in one fell swoop saves time and completes the project faster. Deck staining can take a couple of coats to complete. Select a deck stain that also has a sealant included as it will do double duty. Generally it takes two coats to achieve the color that you wish along with the right amount of sealant.

The tips above will help you in your exterior painting project during the spring months. It is important that you properly prep the space so that each coat goes on evenly and smoothly. When using the sprayer, even strokes have to be used. You should use a paint brush to do corners and lips over pieces of siding. Let each coat dry before applying a second. It is possible that only touch-ups would be needed. Another tip is to make sure that you are wearing a surgical mask, goggles and clothes that you don’t care about during this process.

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