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Bedroom Paint Colors for Teens

Paint Chips

Paint Chips

Teens tend to change their minds frequently when it comes to favorite colors and what they want their bedrooms to look like. It is best to have them select a color that they can stick with for a while. Granted, interior painting doesn’t take a long period of time, but, it can get rather pricey. It is a good idea to let them help choose the color, especially so that they will be happy with it, but it is your home and you have a say in the color choice as well. Some of the trending colors for each scenario are below.

Colors for Boys

Boys are much easier to select a room color for. Blues, grays and greens have been trending for these spaces for the last few years. Using one of these three base colors, there are dozens of shades within each that are bound to satisfy even the pickiest teen boy.

Grays are versatile and easily grow into early adulthood with the young man. You also have more room for variety with accent colors for wall hangings, drapery and bed coverings by using a grayscale scheme.

With blues, try to steer the young boy away from bright blues. A navy or gray-blue is a better option. It is the same with greens, other than a chartreuse color. There are several wallpapers, borders and wall hanging options to spruce up a single wall color. Consider this as being a modern approach to an industrial look.

Colors for Girls

Girls are still thinking pink, but in a wider variety of shades. Muted pink, mauve colors and a mixture of green and pink are common. Green shades that are commonly seen are a spring green or chartreuse.

Yellow is a common bedroom painting color option for girls this year as is a burnt orange color. Girls seem to be getting bolder in their color choices. Some are going for a bolder, masculine color palette. This would be a mixture of navy with a lighter green as an example.

Another palette to consider is pink and gray. These colors complement each other well and allows for splashes of light greens to intrude a bit. What you are unlikely to see teen girls choosing is tans, browns, white and other earthy tones.

Unisex Colors

Gray is a pretty safe color option for either teen boys or girls. Using this as a base color, you have a pretty clear path for creativity with accent colors or wall striping colors. Tan and gray striped walls are sophisticated and are an ideal combination for either a teen boy or girl.

Other unisex colors:

  • Chartreuse
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Some shades of purple
  • Orange

It is almost impossible to go with a unisex shade. The teens can use pillows, comforters, drapery and wall hangings to personalize the space.

Basic Neutrals

Teens might have a problem with using a basic neutral color but some will agree to it. This gives them the room to decorate with the colors that the want. This can be anything from a colorful comforter to a brightly colored border. You can also give them the option to make custom paintings on canvas in the colors that they like. Neutral colors match just about any other color imaginable.

Creating Specific Themes with Paint

The way that you paint a room can create a theme without having to use wallpaper, stencils and difficult techniques. Consider putting in a chair rail to make the room two colors with a specific theme in mind. An example of this would be a seaside theme. The bottom third of the room could be painted in a light tan and the top could be a hue of blue. Jungle themes, astronomy themes and flirty or sophisticated themes can also be created this way by varying the paint choices.

As you create a custom teen bedroom space, consider their preferences. You can, of course, stick with the usual bedroom painting trends, but you can also work with your teen to create the perfect design for them. This is not a difficult task but you should make them help paint the space. They will take more pride in it and keep the colors for a longer period of time. Ensure that the color combination is what the teen wants by using paint samples in different combinations on the walls first.

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