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Island Bathroom Design

Do you want an area that is a place at home but reminds you of being away from home? This can be done, but you need to ensure that you keep some key decorating ideas in mind and also consult and hire a house painting contractor in NJ to work with on the project. Even if you do not change anything major, a nice new coat of paint can change the look and feel of any room that is out there. Consider changing some of these items throughout your bathroom to give it a home away from home type of feeling.  An Island themed bathroom design is a great design for the modern bathroom remodeling project in 2014 The Walls

The walls of any room are the most important. This is due to the fact that with just a simple color change to freshen the area up, you’re able to get a whole new look. With the help of an interior painting service, you’re then able to have a professional that does the painting for you to give you a new look overall. However, you have to think about the color choices that you have to work with. If you’re going for a tropical island feel then deep blues, tans and even browns can work in your favor to complete this getaway look.

The Flooring

The flooring is a bit more to handle when it comes to the bathroom. You should consider tiles that are heated underneath. This will give the room a warm day feel like you would get in an island. Going with tan tiles can make it seem more like sand. This can be done using the right contractor for the position. Think over all of the flooring options that are out there prior to jumping with just any one of them.

There are other options for the flooring in your bathroom, but you should always ensure the color of your flooring coordinates with the color that you choose to have your walls painted. This can ensure that you have an even color scheme throughout the bathroom.

The Shower and Bath

If you want a shower then it should be a wide one with heads that are able to come down off of the holders. Adding more than one shower head around the shower also gives the shower a mystical feel. This also means that more than one person is able to easily take a shower. Putting a door, even a freestanding shower without a door that is open and tiled can give the bathroom a different look.

The bath should be a large one that provides comfort, but also is able to allow you to soak in the warm water. Traditional small baths cannot do this for you. Larger, deeper tubs can be found with or without jets depending on your preference and your budget. You’re able to find a deep set tub that you can step up and into without having to look far and you can work with a professional to have it installed for you.

Once you’ve gone over these areas, you’re able to get started. Planning ahead of time can smooth out any bumps that you find along the way. Speak with a qualified house painting contractor in Summit to learn more about what they can do and see if they can recommend anyone for the other roles that you need to have filled for the rest of your bathroom project. Feel beautiful and comfortable inside the new walls of the bathroom that you redecorated.

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