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January 7, 2014
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Top Bedroom Colors for 2014

The colors in one’s bedroom can drastically affect the quality of one’s life. Any house painter in Somerset will recommend careful consideration before beginning any project. In 2014 the top colors will come from the neutral palette with the addition of a few newcomers. In addition to this, painters in Livingston will also take into consideration the balance of colors, and the way that the light affects them to create an overall mood in the room.

Traditional colors for bedrooms such as grays and browns will continue to be popular in 2014 with the addition of pastel blues and greens. These colors have not been traditionally considered part of the neutral palette but will become increasingly popular in 2014. These new additions to the palette are somewhat unusual but are gaining popularity in bedroom painting because they create a sense of calm and peacefulness as well as add color to a room without overpowering it. These neutral colors open up a variety of possibilities for accent colors as well.

Proper balance

There are many fascinating colors in the world and it would be great to incorporate all of them into one’s bedroom design. Unfortunately, that would probably keep most people up all night and have the opposite of the desired relaxing affect. Bedrooms should be a natural place of relaxation and tranquility. This affect can be created largely with paints and their proportions to one another. Any bedroom color scheme should be largely comprised of three basic colors. The first of these colors is called the dominant color and should take up about two thirds of the room. This will most often be from the neutral palette in 2014. The second color is a complimentary color of approximately one third or more and will often be from the neutral palette or slightly darker in order to create a slight contrast with the dominant color. The third and final color will be bold and only cover ten to fifteen percent of the room. This final color is the accent or splash of variety in the room, used to give life and variety.

Light is important

When choosing colors for bedroom painting in 2014, light will be very important. Does your bedroom have a lot of natural light or does it require mostly artificial light? Does it change throughout the year? These are important considerations when choosing paints for a bedroom. If the room is small or doesn’t receive much natural light, lighter shades will be more popular in 2014. Lighter shades help to make a smaller room seem larger and more spacious. This helps to create a more tranquil and relaxing environment.

Larger spaces will see more colors in 2014 including a variety of colors from the neutral palette and vibrant splashes of crimson and orangey-yellow to create excitement and a sense of aliveness. Much the same as other rooms, large bedrooms will enjoy the creativity and the sense of playfulness opened up by the addition of pastel blues and greens to the neutral palette. These colors, when combined in the proper balance with secondary colors and accent colors will be extremely popular in 2014. Small trims of yellow around windows and outlets painted brightly combined with flashy lighting fixtures will create points of interest in well coordinated rooms.

Flashy stuff

Silver and gold will be increasingly popular in 2014. Used primarily as accents, these metallic features will read well against the neutral palette and can add an element of elegance to any bedroom. Used sparingly, these elements can create a dramatic affect that will be all the rage in 2014.

Bedroom painting in 2014 is all about combining the new neutral palette with splashes of color in the proper balance and finding extra elements of pizazz. Small rooms will require more traditional treatments while larger rooms can take more modern approaches. It’s all about creativity and individual expression in 2014.

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