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Top Bathroom Colors for 2014

For many years bathrooms were a functional place where one went for specific purposes and then forgot about it shortly after. This is no longer the case. Modern bathrooms are a place to unwind after a long day and a place to rejuvenate the spirit. They are a place where the morning rush meets with style and functionality to create a place where you can start out the day. In addition to this, modern bathrooms are a place to look forward to coming home to. Whether relaxing in the tub or trimming your whiskers in perfect light, the colors you choose for your bathroom will have profound affects on your day-to-day happiness.

Bathroom colors in 2014 for the house painter in Livingston will continue to follow traditional ideals based on simplicity and light colors with a few hip, new ideas thrown in. Bathroom painting ideas will generally stay simple, incorporating a few splashes of color where appropriate.

Big vs. Small; Light vs. Dark

When painting a bathroom the first thing to consider is the size of the room. Classic style traditions say that small rooms should be painted white or slightly off white. This tradition will continue to be popular in 2014 for a few simple reasons. Small rooms can seem claustrophobic which makes them very unpleasant to be in. One of the easiest ways to make a small room seem bigger is to paint it white. White walls make a small room seem bigger, as if the walls were farther away, much the same as mirrors on the wall in a restaurant make the dining room seem bigger.

There are some ways to introduce color into smaller rooms that need light walls to create an open and peaceful space without reducing the affect of openness created by light paint choices. A colorful tile countertop can create a lot of interest in a small room. Also, flashy hardware such as drawer pulls or towel racks can add some flair to a smaller room without taking away from the spaciousness created by white walls. Silver and gold will be popular décor colors in 2014 and aren’t limited to the living and kitchen rooms. One might also consider a brightly colored rug for the floor. Popular colors will include blues and greens for those trying to create a tranquil and peaceful environment. Other popular options for 2014 will be shades of pink and red, more for younger people wanting a ‘cuter’ or more passionate look for their bathroom.

What about the big dogs?

When it comes to larger bathrooms, the traditional rules go out the window! Large spaces make it no longer important to create the illusion of space. This means that rich and dark colors can be used when repainting. Darker colors will be popular in larger rooms in 2014 because they help to make large spaces seem warmer and cozier. Earthy tones such as dark greens and blues in combination with a variety of earthy browns will be popular in larger bathrooms in 2014. These colors will be popular on walls, while white furniture and cabinets will continue to be popular. The contrasts created by colorful, earth-toned walls and white fixtures will be very popular in 2014. In addition to these contrasts, silver and gold accents are becoming more and more popular these days. These metallic tones offer a simple way to create interest between the simple earth tones and white walls.

Bathroom colors in 2014 will be mainly defined by tradition, and for good reason. Long-standing traditions of creating the illusion of space in small rooms and getting more creative with larger areas has proven an age-old method for happiness. Brightly colored accents of silver and gold will become increasingly more popular and as always a sense of peace and tranquility will be of the utmost importance.

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