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November 24, 2013
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One of the most fascinating and exciting things about design is that tastes are always changing. 2014 will see some new developments in the landscape of interior painting in Summit, mostly in regards to color. Many people will continue to use soft, neutral colors in the interiors of their homes, however the colors that are being considered neutral are changing.

More and more people are using light, pastel blues, greens, and lavenders in their homes, much in the same way they would have with more traditional off-whites and, grays, and browns. This is a very exciting development because this shift opens up a world of creativity to those looking to paint rooms in their houses.

What’s so great about these new colors?

It’s not that these colors are new; it’s just that they are being used in a way that hasn’t been done before. In the past, light blues and greens would have been used more as accent colors. Using these new pastels as a background means that when we add in secondary and accent colors we’re really adding a lot of color into our homes and we’re doing it without the colors becoming overwhelming or too complicated.

These light shades that are becoming popular are quite soothing. Blue in particular is known for having a calming affect and for making people feel at ease. We all want to feel at ease in our homes and these pastel shades can help to achieve that affect. They also help to create the appearance of a clean and light environment that is known to have a positive affect on the psyche. 

Pastels are easy to work with and blend together well

This new palette of lighter neutral colors is very easy to incorporate into your home because most of the colors in the palette go very well together. It’s easy to create a theme in your home with these colors because they transition well from one to another. You can have many different pastels in many different rooms and it won’t feel disjointed. In fact, it will have quite the opposite affect. Since many of these trendy new colors work well together they create a sort of seamless blend from one room to another and throughout the hallways.

Pastels work well with existing furniture

One of the things that is so great about pastels is that they can work in contrast to your existing furniture and artwork to make it really stand out. For example, if you have some off white pottery hanging on the wall it might not stand out on a gray or other more traditional background. When you hang these same pieces on a light blue or violet background they really stand out! The same goes with your furniture and carpet. Light colored carpet will have a better contrast with a slightly more vibrant wall and thus will make for a more interesting look.

Think About Light

Whichever colors you choose in 2014, you’ll want to think about the light. Natural and artificial light can really alter the way we perceive color. A room that receives more natural light can have more and darker colors while one that mainly has artificial light should stick to lighter colors. This will help to keep the room feeling light and open.

People will be using color in new and slightly unusual ways for their interior painting projects in 2014. Don’t be afraid to try some new colors on the walls but make sure to think of the light and how it will affect your project. By using a variety of colors from this new neutral palette you can find exactly the right colors for each room while still keeping an overall theme in your home.

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