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Cost of a Bad House Painter

Painting your home

Exterior Painting

A bad house painter can ruin a home renovation. Unprofessional service can include shoddy work, misses, paint spills, and drips. What is sad is that most homeowners have come to expect the horrible service that so many have been offering. Here are a few ways to spot a bad house painter and how they can affect your home in the long run.

Courteous and On-Time

Before a company even sets foot in your home or talks to you about adding color to your walls at all, make sure that they are prompt and courteous. If they are slow in returning your phone calls or email correspondence or they do not show up for estimates or meetings, look for a company that acts more professional. Disorganization and untrustworthiness is no way to start a business relationship. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from those around your social network.

Pride in Appearance

A good sign of a bad commercial painting contractor is equipment and uniforms that are not kept in good shape. If a company does not take pride in the appearance they will likely not take pride in the job either. Their physical location is a good sign of how well they work as well. If it is sloppy and work areas are unsafe expect no better for your job. A good contractor should have very tidy uniforms, presentable vehicles, and have tools and materials that are organized.

Vague Estimates

Another thing to avoid is a company that only gives you vague estimates. Some will trick you and extra fees and surcharges if you do not get a detailed contract or estimate. A good contractor will be very specific as to what exactly they include in a price.

Well Established Work History

When it comes to hiring an interior painting contractor in Summit NJ, you want someone that has a significant business with all the appropriate tools and equipment available to them. Smaller businesses are friendly but often lack what you need to get big jobs done efficiently. A larger company will have more workers to dedicate to your job to get it done faster. Nights and weekends will often be negotiated as well with a professional company whereas a mom and pop company will usually not want to work beyond a certain schedule.

Sales Tactics

A pushy contractor is just trying to sell a job. If they are unwilling to listen to what you have to say about a project, move on. Look for someone interested in taking your idea and bringing it to life the best way possible. If they are so concerned with sales, they are not concerned with your wellbeing or quality of life.

Check References

To maximize the potential of companies that you are going to work with, ask for references and call them to see about what prior work the company has done. This is one of the best signs of how your project will turn out. If you contact unsatisfied customers, look for someone who can do better work. Avoid shopping by price as well. Just because it is the lowest price does not make it the worst quality. Just because a company charges the most does not mean that they are the best at what they do. Most good companies will charge a reasonable price to customers.

A company that offers extras for free is a good choice as well.  A contractor that takes off the baseboards and puts them back for no additional charge, or covers and moves furniture for free is a winner. Licensure is also an important aspect of a house painting company. Make sure they are professionally qualified to paint your home.

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