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What is Your Birth Color?

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Paint Chips

Recently, professional color consultants have stated that house painting colors can dramatically affect mood, impact overall well-being, and even change the way people interact with one another in a space. Even by wearing the right colors, you can be more energized and focused as you enjoy your day in New Jersey. Astrologers believe that everyone has a color that they work best with and can be shared with others through bedroom painting colors. There are online resources available for you to find your own birth color or you can talk to a professional color consultant yourself. Here is some information about the various different birth colors that a person might be.

Winter Colors

If you were born between December 21st and March 19th, you fall into the winter category in astrology. This winter section is further broken down into 3 colors; blue, indigo, and violet. Violet is for those born between December 21st and January 19th. Some words that fit this astrological personality are magic, destiny, dreams, music, imagination, elegance, luxury, inspiration, and intuition. Next, Indigo is for those with birthdays between January 20th to February 18th. This is midwinter. Spiritual mastery, maturity, long life, truth, judgment, experience, dignity, virtue, and wisdom are all words associated with those born around this time. From February 19th to March 19th, blue is the color of choice. Respect, companionship, honor, grace, purification, belief, acceptance, faith, patience, recovery, prophecy, and trust are words that come to mind when thinking about this astrological group.

Autumn Colors

Autumn is also broken into three colors, amethyst, red, and scarlet. November 21st to December 20th has the color amethyst. Self-knowledge, perception, disconcertment, originality, self-esteem, insight, poetry, and creativity are blessed to those in this time of year. Mid-autumn, October 22nd to November 20th, has the color of red. Passion, glory, harvest, drive, tenacity, courage, inner strength, sensuality, romance, energy, and courage are all attributes of these individuals. Those born from September 23rd to October 21st have the color scarlet as their own. Strength, beauty, victory, physical energy, vitality, invincibility, dedication, willpower, and vigilance are all characteristics of these individuals.

Summer Colors

Summer is divided the same way as winter and autumn. Orange, Gold, and Yellow are perfect colors for those born this time of the year. Orange is for those born August 22 to September 22nd. They are characterized by having loyalty, friendship, pleasure, family, fulfillment, hospitality, community, belonging, home, and joy. Midsummer birthdays, those from July 22nd to August 21st, own the color gold. They are known for fame, power, adventure, excitement, success, happiness, success, enthusiasm, influence, satisfaction, and authority. Those from June 21st to July 21st have the color yellow. Clarity, alertness, awareness, optimism, warmth, consciences, enlightenment, free expression, and decisiveness are all attributes of these people.

Spring Colors

Spring is split three ways as well with the colors olive, green, and turquoise representing three different birth dates. May 21st to June 20th is the color olive and stands for intelligence, change, meaning, learning, independence, and awakening. From April 20th to May 20th the color is green. Fertility, renewal, safety, productivity, birth, and health are traits of these people. Lastly, from March 20th to April 19th is the color turquoise. These people are known for understanding, serenity, flexibility, empathy, discovery, and balance.

Once you know your color, you can begin to use it in your everyday life and utilize these colors in every room of your home. By picking a wardrobe that centers on your birth color or your season’s colors, you will bring out these characteristics to others around you. Interior painting with these colors will give your personality somewhere to reflect in the paint of your home. Use the right paint color that reflects you to really turn your house into a home.


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