What is the Best Time of the Day for Interior Painting?

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October 12, 2013
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What is the Best Time of the Day for Interior Painting?

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Paint, check. Stir sticks, check. Rollers and brushes? At least 4 extra of each. Painter’s tape? Rolls and rolls of it. Roller pans? Yep, got them. Drop cloths? Enough to cover Mount Rushmore. All the supplies are ready and raring to go. Now the problem is when to get started. How do you decide what time is the best time for interior painting?

Best Time of Day to Paint

Everyone agrees that early morning is the absolute best time to begin a painting job. There is plenty of natural light streaming in, and you have hours to get the job done. When you open all of the windows and doors, you can control and minimize the “new paint smell” that you will have throughout the day. You have plenty of time to change your mind when you see palest yellow just doesn’t look as good as deep tangerine. Mornings also give you plenty of time to adjust for interruptions, like the cable guy showing up to install your new service.

You’re a late riser, and if starting at 6am just is not going to happen, what can you do? After that first cup of coffee or tea, it’s 10am, you’re in the world of the living, and you’re ready to start. Do you think it’s too late? Not at all. The sun is shining brightly, and there is no “brand new day glow” to deceive your eyes. You can clearly see how the color will look throughout most of the day in your home. You also have the added bonus of not having to wait for the home improvement store to open if you are missing any supplies-it’s already been open for hours.

Today was the day you were SUPPOSED to start painting, but everything took over. It’s now 4pm and you haven’t even started. It has to be too late now, right? WRONG! Late day is the perfect time of day to prepare for a big paint job in Summit. Late day is when you should apply painter’s tape to all of the edges and confirm you have all of the supplies needed. If you have any pre- paint repairs or cleaning to do, this is a great time. If you have already done the major painting, late day is perfect for any clean up work, like that corner you were too short to reach earlier. With late day painting, you will be more likely use bright florescent lighting, which is very unforgiving and will allow you to see any flaws. The lateness also allows you test the paint on a small area. You will be able to confirm if the color works well with your design vision, since paint tends to darken slightly as it dries.

You have decided that a wall covered in split pea soup green is NOT a color you’re fond of. You’ve picked a color that reflects your personality, and you love how it looks at all times of the day. You’re finally ready to paint. No matter what time you have decided to begin painting, the best time to begin is the time that is right for you.

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