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October 4, 2013
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Adding an Addition to Your Home

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

In the last few years many homeowners have changed their viewpoints on home remodeling. With the present economic climate and its effect on the housing market adding an addition to the home is a much wiser economic choice than trying to buy a larger home. One advantage to building an addition is that many times it can add value to the home. Building an addition is an investment that can not only make the home more comfortable and enjoyable for the homeowner, it can offer a substantial return on the investment later on. For those who are considering this type of home remodeling in Phoenix, here are some ideas on additions which in many cases can add value to the home.

Adding on a Bathroom

Building an extra bathroom in a house can have many advantages. Don’t underestimate the amount of work this job will require. It may be a small addition, but it can be a large project at the same time. 18 square feet is the minimum amount of space needed for a half-bath and a full bath which includes a stand-up shower will require at least 30 square feet. For homeowners who want to include a bathtub in their bathroom at least 35 square feet will be required. Adding a second bathroom can be a great investment in the home and Remodeling Magazine reports that this type of interior remodeling in Tempe can add as much as $20,000 to the overall value of the home. Building an additional bathroom can make a difference in the comfort and convenience of the home and is a project which is well worth the investment.

Adding on Outdoor Space

One of the most popular home remodeling projects in Phoenix is building additional outdoor space. One current trend is to construct an outdoor kitchen which can be used for entertaining guests. This added outdoor space can be as elaborate or as simple as the homeowner desires. Many designs include a kitchen package which is complete with stove, refrigerator and sinks which make for a very useful outdoor space. Others prefer to build the additional outdoor space around a large grill or fire pit. One of the latest trends in this type of home addition is to include a hearth with a traditional fire place. Furnishings and accessories can make this additional space customized and comfortable for the homeowner and guests.

Adding an Additional Story

Building a second story on a house can be quite the undertaking. However there can be several advantages to this option. It can be the perfect solution for the homeowner who does not have enough room to expand the house horizontally, or is not willing to give up yard space for additional space in the home. It is important to check with the local authorities and zoning office to ensure the addition is allowed in the neighborhood. There are some areas which have strict height restrictions that must be followed. A second story can be an expensive way to add on an existing structure, but it can also allow for a substantial amount of additional space. Another advantage is that this particular home remodeling project can substantially increase the value of the property, especially if it includes an additional bathroom. For homeowners who do not have the option of building on an entire second story, an addition of an attic bedroom may be a great solution. Instead of worrying about zoning issues, just turn the unused space into a useful extra bedroom. It’s a significantly cheaper project than most other room additions since the structure already exists. With some creative modifications this addition can offer a return on investment as well as offer additional space to serve the needs of the family.

Author Bio: This post was written by Scott Hochuli.   Scott Hochuli is one of the owners of Hochuli Construction.  Hochuli Construction specializes in home remodeling in the Phoenix AZ area, they pride themselves on always delivering high quality services in bathroom and kitchen design, for more information please visit,  

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