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Interior Design Trends in Summer

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Design

One of the biggest color trends for summer is the use of white. White is a quintessential summer color, and you can incorporate it into your home in many different ways. Bedding, furniture, walls, curtains, household items, carpeting, and flowers are all options to bring the color white into your home. You can add anything from a splash of white to a large portion of white that changes the overall look of the room.

Updating your bedding for the summer is a great way to freshen up the look of your bedroom. White, cream, or light colored sheets can make a room feel totally different, and the lighter colors are cooler for the summer. You may not need a comforter in the summer, so you can get by with a lighter blanket that can go over your sheets. You can pair white or light sheets with a bright, summer colored blanket. Or you can go the opposite route and pair bright colored sheets with a white top blanket. Pillow shams are also a great option for adding a splash of white to the room.

Another way to incorporate white into your home is through accent pieces. A small rug or lamp can be added to any bedroom or living room (or really any room in the home) to update its look for summer.

Adding flowers in the home is another trend for summer. A potted plant or even just buying flowers weekly can make your home look and feel more summery. It adds an extra splash of color to any room and adds to the beauty. Floral prints act in much the same way. They can brighten up any room. If a floral piece of furniture is too much for you, you can try a smaller accent piece in a floral print to start off with. Floral patterns can evoke a more traditional design, but there are also floral options for a modern interior design style. Floral patterns combined with black or white pieces look modern, and the floral stands out against the black and white.

If you don’t want to go the route of white or light color schemes, you could alternatively choose bright paint colors to make your home more bright for summer. Bright blues, yellows, or greens are all great options to make a home look more colorful, bright, and summery. A bright orange is also a very summery color. It can be very attractive when paired with whites, blacks, or browns. Orange curtains are an interesting option that can spice up a room. Sheer curtains are a great way to add color to a room to change up its look. They come in any color, and are often fairly inexpensive. Because of that, you can change them at the end of the summer if you’d like to go back to your traditional curtains for the fall and winter.



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