How to Make the Exterior of Your Home More Beautiful

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June 20, 2013
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July 4, 2013
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How to Make the Exterior of Your Home More Beautiful

Exterior Fountain

Exterior Water Fountain

If you are looking to beautify the exterior of your home, landscape design is a great area to start. Landscaping changes can range from adding a water feature such as a fountain to something as simple as planting a small garden. Water features come in many different varieties, shapes, and sizes. A waterfall is an example of a stunning water feature that can totally transform your landscape. Waterfalls range in size, and there is a waterfall fit for any type of backyard. Simple waterfalls can be hand built in less than a day and for as little as $100. But a more grandiose waterfall will be much more expensive and will require a more extensive building plan.

Another method of exterior design is planting flowers or a small garden. Not only will adding more color to your home exterior be aesthetically pleasing, but it can also boost your mood. Gardening has been proven to enhance moods because it increases the amount of time you spend outside, increases the beauty of your home, and can release tension. It is a great method of exterior design that has other benefits beyond aesthetics.

A popular trend in landscaping today is adding a backyard fire pit. Not only does a fire pit raise the visual appeal of a backyard, it is also the perfect spot for family gathering or entertaining friends. You can turn the fire pit into a lounge area by adding chairs and a small table around it. Benches are also an alternative to chairs that can be aesthetically pleasing. Either way, the area is not only visually appealing, it adds a brand new space to hang out and entertain guests. It can add a whole new dimension to your home and yard.

Adding a stone path is another landscaping trend today. A stone path can be worked into or around a garden. It can also lead from the front or back doors of a home. It is a great way to tie together the design of the exterior of your home. There are many choices of stone color, size, shape, and type for you to choose from, so this will allow you to completely customize your path.

Painting is another option to increase the beauty of the exterior of your home. The first choice that needs to be made with regards to paint is the type of paint that you want to use. Different types of paint have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, water based paints dry faster and are flexible. But oil based paints cover stains better. These are a few examples of the choices you will need to make with regard to choosing a type of paint for the exterior of your home.

After the type of paint comes the choice of the color. Traditionally, white or light paint colors have been the common choices for homes. But today, trends are changing, and consumers are starting to get more adventurous with their home colors, choosing colors from all over the spectrum. You should also consider what types of landscape features and accent pieces you have on the exterior of your home.

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