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Exterior painting

Home with Painted Exterior

Without a welcoming exterior, outsiders assume the inside is of a similar taste. Exterior painting is very important if you are trying to sell a home.  Potential buyers may decide not to even bothering looking inside because it would take too much work to make the outside look good.  Curb appeal includes landscaping AND exterior appeal. You won’t find many new wooden homes in New Jersey because they aren’t customarily built unless there is a custom order placed so we won’t concentrate on those types of exteriors in this article.  There are no steadfast rules, but a home usually includes no more than two siding colors and two trim colors.  That is just a suggested guidance but can be whatever you want.  Take a ride through a large housing plan that has a combination of construction materials (brick, siding, stucco, etc.) and find a combination of colors you like. 

Trim Colors

Pay close attention to doors and windows.  The trim color should draw attention to the homes architectural features.  Anything that provides a 3 dimension aspect should be considered to trim out in a specific color.  An area many home owners exclude in taking consideration when choosing a trim is the color of their roof.  That color can only be changed when a new roof is put on.

The front door is a great place to start when choosing an exterior color.  The front door is usually tied into the color of the home’s construction material.  Usually doesn’t mean always.  Occasionally you will run across a front door that does not tie in anywhere or anyhow to the rest of the home.  That house will be memorable because the colors just don’t mesh.  Funny how we remember the best and the worst of choices.

Paint Sheen

The correct paint sheen will affect how the selected color reflects light.  The amount of light that is absorbed or reflected can make the difference of a “pop” or “dull” appearance. There is not only a spectrum of paint colors to choose from at your paint supplier but also a multitude of finishes.  Make sure you are aware of how each one looks on the material you are painting.  If you ask the paint store to show you a dried sample of the color you want on the material you are painting, you will get a clear idea of what the end result will look like.

A flat paint will reflect very little to no light at all.  A flat exterior is no different than a flat interior paint.  High gloss paint will give you a shiny finish.  It almost looks as if there is a protective coating applied.

Existing Surfaces

The condition of the material you are painting can have an influence on the type of sheen you select.  A flat paint will look best on large flat areas (garage doors).  A flat finish will also hide imperfections in the material you are covering.  Semi-gloss and gloss paints are the selection of choice to paint exterior trim.

Actual Painting

Before you start to do any painting, make sure the surface is clean!  This can’t be stressed enough.  It’s such a temptation to just go over the surface as it is because it’s less work.  It’s natural for all exterior surfaces to have a degree of mold and mildew that must be cleaned.  A simple 3 to 1 mixture of water and Clorox will do a good job.  There is a product called Simple Green that is an all-purpose cleaner that works well also.  Sand any spots where paint is peeling or bubbled.  Be sure to spot prime the areas you sanded otherwise the next coat of paint will not have good adhesion.

Using the right painting tools will make a difference.  Make sure the brush you are using compliments the paint being used.  Your local paint store employee will guide you to the right products to use.  Do not paint in direct sunlight.  Start painting in the shade and work around the house as the sun moves.  It will give you a better paint job while keeping you cooler too. Don’t plan on painting on a windy day or when there is a strong possibility of rain.

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