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March 20, 2013
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April 10, 2013
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Summer Remodeling Projects

Backyard Deck

Backyard Deck

It is finally the time of year when NJ homeowners are venturing outside their homes to see what types of home remodeling projects they want to do for the summer. There are many different projects that are commonly tackled in the summer months because other months are too cold. While there are a few remodeling projects that are suitable for completing during the colder months, residential painting is usually one reserved for the warmer seasons when inclement weather is not likely to interrupt or sabotage the project. Here are some exterior summer projects that are great ways to improve the home.

House Painting

One of the least expensive and time efficient ways to give the home a complete makeover is exterior residential painting. A fresh coat of paint can accomplish a completely updated look for a house, especially if modern colors are used for house painting projects. It is important before you actually begin house painting to take a look at the exterior trim on the house as well. If any trim is warped, cracking or damaged in any way it may be a good idea to make needed repairs and include the trim in the house painting project. A whole house exterior painting project can give the home a brand new, fresh and inviting look.

Build a Deck

Once the exterior painting has been completed, it may be a great time to consider adding a backyard deck. In many instances, adding a deck can increase the value of the home. A deck can also help make outdoor spaces more enjoyable for friends, guests and family members. Homeowners can build a deck as elaborate or simple as desired. Outdoor fixtures such as lighting or kitchens can be incorporated into the design or the deck can be used to border a pool area. A backyard deck can be a great asset for a home whether it is going to be put back on the market, or simply enjoyed by the family. For those who already have a deck, summertime may be the perfect time to give it a close inspection and make any needed repairs. It’s also a good time to include the deck in a house painting project.

Replace or Paint Entry Doors

It is important for any homeowner that the entry doors be in good condition as it should be a welcoming sight, not a foreboding one for guests. Replacing an older entry door can be beneficial since modern energy efficient doors can help reduce utility bills. If the door is in relatively good shape, it might be a good time to paint it, especially if the summer’s house painting project included the trim. Many people paint the entry door to match the trim, but others choose an alternate color. Homeowners have many modern energy efficient doors to choose from including wood, steel or composite materials. Some prefer to install a solid door and others prefer to make a statement of style by installing a door that is partially glass. A newly painted door can help improve the curb appeal of a home.

Have a deck? Build an Outdoor Kitchen

For homeowners who already have a patio or deck area in their home, building an outdoor kitchen or a built-in bar-b-queue can add to the space and be a great convenience for those families who enjoy entertaining guests. Building an outdoor kitchen is a popular summer project that can extend the backyard deck and make it much more functional. Remember to make sure that when designing and painting outdoor areas, they should match with the exterior design and paint used on the rest of the house.

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