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January 9, 2013
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Kid's bedroom

Kid's bedroom by jingdianjiaju

Interior design in a child’s room can be challenging since they change so much in those early years. Think about the rapid changes that occur in a child from the time they move from the crib to their “big boy” bed – the toddler bed. Soon they will make the move to a twin bed. It may be very tempting to go with the latest trend. While that is quite alright, be sure that it is something that will continue to work for you, your child and your overall home décor. When considering interior design using trends it might be advisable to introduce a trend through various accessories since it will be less expensive and removable when the trend changes. There are some constants when it comes to a child’s room and modern design.

Choosing Colors Schemes

Before interior painting can begin you will need to choose an appropriate color scheme for the child’s room. A standard combination is to use the primary colors: red, blue and yellow. It’s quite alright to stop here and they are almost always a successful color scheme as they go with many different decors. Using a combination of any two primary colors will work well too. Many prefer to lighten these colors up by adding a small amount of white to create baby blue, pale lemon and pink. Using to many bright and bold colors can be overwhelming for a child but they can work great for accessories or splashes of color.

Interior Painting

It is quite alright to use bold colors for interior painting in a child’s room. However, it is possible to use too much. Try painting an accent wall with a bolder color. And also remember that neutrals can extend just about any color scheme. A color that is overwhelming may be very manageable if it is surrounded by neutrals as they will tend to balance it out. For example using red, white and black can yield a great modern design.Orange can be tamed somewhat by using it with beige and brown. Shades of purple can be very tasteful when balanced out with gray and white. Using neutral colors to paint the walls can allow for a wide selection of color schemes.


There are many different kinds of accessories which can be very complimentary when used in the interior design of a child’s room. Large pillows can tastefully add bold and bright colors and be used for reading time or relaxing to watch a movie or play a video game. There are also many different types of rugs which can add a lot to the room’s décor. Some of the more modern options include printed rugs which have games on them; some are designed to use with toys such as cars. Whether it is one of these unique designs or a plush hot pink for a little girl’s room they can add a lot to the décor. All of the accessories can bring the interior design elements together. This includes bedding, window treatments, lighting and furnishings. These can be used to complete the room’s décor.

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