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December 12, 2012
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December 26, 2012
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Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Many people end up spending large amounts of time indoors as weather turns cooler. It is very easy to end up with cabin fever from staying inside too much, especially during the winter months. One way to keep yourself busy during these “indoor” months is to do some simple home remodeling projects. This will give you plenty to do, help burn more calories than sitting on the couch and some home remodeling projects actually add value to the property. Here are a few easy home remodeling projects that are great winter busters.

Interior Painting

There are many different interior painting projects that can help improve the overall appearance of the house without involving major home remodeling. You may want to tackle repainting a whole room a new color. But there are a couple of other house painting projects that can greatly improve the aesthetics of the house. Some shelving units can be painted for a very modern look. Maybe it’s time to change out the colors in the bathroom and paint this important room a bright new color. Spruce up the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe after you have the interior walls in your home just the colors you wanted, you can think about painting the trim and other woodwork.

What about the Floors?

Perhaps it is time to remove that old carpet. Then it will be up to you if you want to leave the wood floor underneath and refinish it or if you want to replace the carpet. Carpet can help keep the floors warmer in the winter months. This extra layer can provide a little insulation plus keep your feet from touching the cold floor. It may be that you want to change out the carpet for another versatile alternative such as laminate or tile. This way you can use various throw rugs with your new interior design. Just remember that it is best to work on floors after you have completed the interior painting projects.

Adding Insulation

Well, it might not be the most exciting home improvement project; it can be one which can save a bundle of money on the next utility bill. Adding more insulation can also help keep you more comfortable year round. Inspect the attic to see if you can see the joists in the floor. If you can see them, you need more insulation. Think about how heat rises, if you add more insulation in the attic you should be able to keep the home warmer a lot cheaper. Basements and crawlspaces are also huge holes that can usually use more insulation.

Remodel the Bathroom

If your grout is gunky with lots of nasty looking mildew or the sink is seriously outdated, you may need to think about an entire bathroom overhaul. You can do this home remodeling project in stages. For instance, you may want to do the interior painting first and then start working on different areas such as replacing fixtures with more modern ones that are energy efficient. Simply replacing the faucets or re-grouting tile can have a remarkable effect on the whole room. Most bathroom home remodeling projects can be things that you do yourself. However, some of the bigger things like replacing a toilet or the tile floor may require the help of a professional.


There can be several home remodeling projects that are not time consuming but can have a very large effect on the aesthetics of the home. These ideas are just a few of the home improvement projects that can lead to you really enjoying your home. Take a Saturday and paint a room, take up the carpet, or spruce up the bathroom. You will enjoy your home better, it will look better, and it may even increase the value of the home.

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