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Top Paint Colors for 2012

Trending paint colors for 2012

Paint Colors for 2012

There are many things that go into the decision of what color to paint a room. Even though colors reflect some of the common interior design trends, they also make a personal statement. By choosing the color scheme for a room’s décor the homeowner is sort of defining their own space. The color scheme of a room is very important to developing the desired mood and atmosphere. It will take some careful consideration to get a room just like you want it.

How to Choose Room Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment just a little bit when it comes to choosing the colors for your next interior painting project. It’s okay to think about which colors are most appealing to you. Think about the colors you find yourself wearing most often. This may give you a clue as to what your main color choices really are. Start with the colors you like and begin to develop a color scheme for the residential painting project. You will also want to think about the dominant colors of any furnishings in the room and how you can use interior paint colors in a complimentary way. And always refer back to the color wheel for combining different colors that will be used on the walls, trim or for accents.

Trending Colors of 2012

It never hurts to take a look at the colors that are trending; many good ideas can be obtained from considering the top colors being used by homeowners. There are several neutral colors that are very popular in today’s modern design. Off whites are still a favorite, but not always used just for the walls anymore. Beige is still in and is used for walls or trims as it can go with almost any color scheme at all.  Various shades of gray are some of the favorite neutral colors in 2012. It can go with dark furniture or it can be used with colors like red, yellow, blue or purple equally as well.

Greens, blues and yellows are still some of the most popular in between colors being used in interior design. These are not exactly neutral colors although certain shades of them work great for a neutral effect; and they are not really classified as one of the real bold colors either. Yellows can be used with many different accent colors and certain muted shades of yellow used for interior painting in the kitchen can yield just the perfect touch. Teal blues are in for bathrooms and bedrooms; and just the right shade can also be used in the today’s modern kitchen. Greens like sage or jalapeno green are very popular in the world of interior design in 2012.

Some bold colors are making a strong interior design statement this year too. Gold is one of the newest favorites and is being used with dark woods, browns, dark red or black. Deep, dark blue is popular for bedrooms and bathrooms alike. One of the latest color trends is orange. This is being used in kitchens and colors such as cream, brown or blacks can provide the perfect accent

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