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Interior Design for Guys

Interior Design for Men

Interior design is more than just decorating. It concentrates on creating high quality functional and a comfortable environment. And interesting enough, these are the three things that men most want out of a room’s interior design. To design a room or area of the home means lots of planning; every aspect should be considered from furnishings, accessories and paint colors for interior painting. But all of these will have three things in mind for men: quality, comfort and personality.

Quality in Men’s Interior Design

Men are going to be more interested in the fact that a particular piece of furniture is built to last than just how it looks. This may mean that they need to lean toward vintage furniture in many cases. But you will want to be careful that you do not purchase pieces which will look out of date too soon. The main idea in looking for quality is to find pieces which are both reliable and aesthetic. A high quality dark gray couch will go great in a masculine, minimalist design. This may mean that you will choose a lighter gray for the interior painting in the room. The minimalist design works well for men as it uses a lot of straight lines and geometric patterns which can tend to be more masculine in nature. Blacks, whites and grays all work well for interior painting in the minimalist style. But some color can be added in with limited accessories.

Comfort in Men’s Interior Design

Men want to be able to relax in their own space. Comfortable furniture may include a nice recliner to watch the game in. The lounge chair is perhaps the most comfortable piece of furniture you will find. While they are available in a wide variety of stylish colors, for the manly space browns or blacks may be preferred. Black will work well in the already mentioned minimalist interior design. But brown is also a favorite with the guys since it has a rougher, natural appearance. Using earth tones can work for achieving a masculine atmosphere. Dark greens, tans, blacks and browns can be very complementary and can be used in several complementary combinations.

The Man’s Personal Space

When working with men’s interior design elements it is important for the space to be personal to them. This may mean filling the area with a Star Wars collection, sports cards or memorabilia, or even old lanterns or oil cans. It’s about expressing yourself and sometimes it can come across a little rustic. Shelving is an important part of the interior design for men. They can be used for books, movie collections or for storing any types of things that a man may feel is important. Natural woods make for a great manly, rustic look. Ordinary white may be the choice for interior painting, or perhaps some shade of brown will work best. One of the latest trends is to paint paneling. This may be less expensive than replacing it with newer materials and gives it a sort of rustic effect. Painting it half way up with a neutral color and then the other portions with a dark blue, brown or shades of green might be a solution. Color choices will depend on the personal taste of the man using the space.

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