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September 29, 2012
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Brighter Room

Brighter Room

One of the largest influencers on atmosphere is the paint colors used for the walls. This can impact a person’s mood as soon as they walk into a room. Cool blue colors can help calm a nervous person and reds or yellows can be very stimulating. Different paint colors can have an impact for good or for bad. This psychological effect can also be used to brighten a mood; in essence, brighten the room and it will directly brighten people’s moods. We know that we can use various elements such as windows which allow natural light to brighten a room, but it is also possible to use paint colors to brighten up an area, even when there are no windows available.

Whites or Creams

Probably some of the most effective paint colors to brighten up a room are creams and off-whites. Some of the most effective colors are eggshell, ecru and even soft peach can brighten up a whole area. These light paint colors also make a room appear larger which can help with an individual’s mood by helping them feel like it is less stifling.

Light Greens and Browns

Pale greens can work the same way as an off-white color can to brighten up a room. As long as they are light green hues or shades with barely a hint of green, they will not be overpowering. These greens can be used with some dark colors like dark blue, dark green or brown as long as the light green is the dominant color used. Greens are symbolic of life and renewing and can have a positive impact on a person’s attitude and mood. Greens have long been associated with harmony and balance. Using light green hues for interior painting projects can make a room more attractive and help occupants feel more comfortable.

Light browns like tan or oatmeal can be used for interior painting to brighten up a room. This is a good color to use in instances when there are dark wood beams exposed or dark brown trim. Even though it is popular to use off-white in conjunction with dark wood, a light brown can be somewhat more effective and a little more calming than white.

Can I Use Darker Colors?

It sounds backwards, but to brighten up a space and lighten the mood some darker colors can be used for interior painting. Cheerful colors like soft reds, yellows and even orange can make a room seem brighter and more cheery. Using softer colors will make the room seem brighter rather than making the space feel darker.

Don’t Forget the Trim and Windows

Painting the trim in a room either off-white or white can bring some additional light into the room. If the trim in your room is stained dark, it might be time to paint them with lighter paint colors. Painting the trim around the windows with a light color like white or cream can help make the room seem much lighter. But you can also use various types of window treatments, even on smaller windows to help establish a lighter feel for the room.

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