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What Do Colors Mean?



There are many elements that go into the interior design of each room in the house; but there may not be one as important as the choice of paint colors that are used. Different colors evoke certain emotions, feelings and moods. Choosing the right colors for interior painting projects is part of deciding what a room’s primary purpose is. Once you are certain of the function of the room, it is simpler to choose paint colors that match the atmosphere you want for that area of the house. To accomplish this task it is important to know different color meanings and the types of social associations that are tied to them.

Red can be a very stimulating color as it stimulates brain activity and heightens appetites. It also enhances the sense of small. Red has long been associated with passion and it can actually boost one’s adrenaline. Red stands for courage, self confidence, compassion, anger and arousal. It can be used in the interior design of a kitchen or dining room. It’s also an exceptional choice for rooms with lots of activities such as game rooms.

Yellow means optimism; it’s a feel good color. Yellows are energetic and full of life and the truest form of yellow stands for happiness, warmth and awareness. The paler shades stand for goodness, wisdom and clarity. These yellows can be used in areas where the interior design needs to enhance concentration. The specific meanings for colors are energy, improving memory, relieving depression and stimulating the appetite. Yellows are great paint colors for areas like the study, kitchen, dining room or the kid’s play area.

Blue is a paint color that speaks of tranquility and has long been associated with relaxation and peace. It symbolizes several things such as justice, loyalty, knowledge and strength. Blue is a great color used with an interior design where you want to lower blood pressure as it is generally soothing. Too much of the wrong shades of blue can be depressing; and it does suppress the appetite. Blues are great for areas where children tend to be too active, in bedrooms, bathrooms, a study or a family room.

Orange is a hot color because it combines the happiness of yellow and the energy of reds. It is a friendly, warm color that makes a house feel like a home. Deeper oranges stand for beauty, dependability and strength; where lighter shades of orange can be comforting and work to relieve stress. Even though orange causes one to relax, it also promotes circulation, relieves muscle cramps and increases the appetite. Oranges are good paint colors to use in entryways, bathrooms, guest rooms, or a family room.

Green is nature’s color and tends to lead to a calming, soothing atmosphere. Many times green is used in hospitals because of its soothing effect. Aqua which is a blue-green hue stands for emotional healing as well as protection. Using green for interior design colors tells guests that you are friendly, and encourages them to rest a while. Dark green is a conservative color and has long been associated with security and wealth; whereas lighter greens can represent new growth and renewal. The color meaning for green has to do with alleviating depression, anxiety and nervousness. The best rooms to use green for paint colors is the media room, garden room, bathrooms, library and family rooms.

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