Interior Living Room Design Trends for 2012

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August 16, 2012
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Interior Living Room Design Trends for 2012

Living Room Design Trends

Living Room Design Trends

Trends in living room design change every year; and this year is no different. There are some new concepts in interior design and house painting options are much broader than they used to be. Some of the latest trends are taking a turn toward more green options whether this deals with choosing a more environmentally responsible type of paint or using other more natural materials in the interior design. It is certain that the living room is a popular room in which we relax or entertain guests. Its décor is of the utmost importance. Here are some of the main interior design trends for the living room in 2012.

Living Room Trends in House Painting

The most vogue colors of 2012 are earth colors. This includes a lot of browns or tans in the interior design of living rooms. But another interior house painting trend is to use a modern approach and use standard black and white. Of course, this simply provides a backdrop so that more vibrant colors can be used against it. Other popular house painting options for the living room are colors that stay with a nature theme; colors like forest green, sky blue and neutral shades are still in for living room interior design.

Living Room Trends in Flooring

Flooring trends seem to be staying with a natural theme just like interior house painting. Hardwood and bamboo flooring materials are some of the favorite. Practicality is the name of the game in flooring and homeowners are choosing styles which are stylish but also easily maintained and cleaned. The flooring in the living area of a home is very important as it should add to the comfortable atmosphere.

Other Popular Trends

One of the latest design elements includes entertainment centers. The large oversized units which house everything have been taken out of the living room and replaced with a sleek, flat screen television which hangs nicely on the wall. The flat television is one of the most popular trends.

For furnishings, the traditional couch still takes center stage. This provides seating for both family who want to relax, or when hosting guests. Sofa colors have taken a turn to monochrome colors with soft and cozy cushions. If space allows, a couple of matching chairs can finish off the design. House painting colors can be chosen to match the room’s furnishings. Pillows and other accessories can add splashes of color, especially if paint colors and furnishings stay with neutral colors. One popular trend with furniture is to bring back some of the most popular retro pieces. Lamps and other pieces can complement the décor and add texture and color.


Living room areas take a special touch which will include all the interior design elements. It’s important to choose items which will add texture, furnishings to add character and paint colors to help set an appropriate mood. As a general rule, living room interior design is both diverse and fresh. These elements all work together to create the perfect atmosphere in which to entertain guests or relax for a quiet evening.

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