Interior Bathroom Design Trends for 2012

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August 9, 2012
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August 23, 2012
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Interior Bathroom Design Trends for 2012

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends

There are several surprises in the interior design trends for bathrooms that are making a big hit in 2012. Some colors that used to be taboo for bathroom painting are now acceptable, items that were thrown out of the interior design world have made a comeback and technology has made an impact even on interior design in today’s modern bathroom. Some of the current trends, while fashionable lean toward making this important room more functional and practical. Here are the latest trends we found in 2012.

Taboo Colors are now in

There used to be just a few subtle colors used for bathroom painting, but today’s interior design incorporates many colors that were never considered before. Of course, we will still see a lot of muted blues, greens and neutrals such as grays and browns. But bold colors are now trending too. Tangerines, reds and other colors which provide depth are now being used in bathroom painting. Another trendy color used for bathroom painting is gray. This is typically used for general bathroom painting to provide a backdrop and then splashes of bolder colors are used to make the room pop.

Medicine Cabinets Make a Return

Just when we thought the medicine cabinet was definitely a thing of the past, they make a huge comeback. They have slowly edged their way back into bathroom’s interior design and are becoming a standard feature again. They have become more stylish and provide extra storage for medicines and other bathroom items. They usually have mirrors which give the bathroom design a little more practicality and newer models are equipped with built-in lights; some also have night lights and others literally have small television sets built in! They have become a very functional part of today’s modern bathroom interior design.

Heated Tile Flooring

There is nothing as shocking as stepping out of the shower and having your bare feet hit the cold floor. Thanks to the latest technological advancements one of the most common trends when remodeling the bathroom is to add heated tiles to the floor. These are a very practical feature since water will evaporate quickly. They are also a very energy efficient feature. These stylish tiles heat the floor and the area as well.

Solid Surfaces

Counter tops have made full circle in trends as well and the solid countertop is back in. Some of the most popular counter tops are marble, quartz, marble and the latest design is to go with a glass vanity top. These design elements can be incorporated into the overall design and the colors used for bathroom painting can be drawn from the countertop design.

Polished Fixtures

One of the most popular features in today’s bathroom design is to use polished chrome fixtures. These give a classic finish which brings added beauty to any style of décor. For an additional touch of sophistication, polished nickel can be complementary of either contemporary or traditional interior design styles. These polished fixtures can add a special touch of elegance to any décor.

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