Interior Bedroom Design Trends for 2012

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August 2, 2012
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Interior Bedroom Design Trends for 2012

The bedroom is one of the most vital rooms in the home as it can provide an escape from the stresses and chaos of the rest of the world. There are some interesting trends in bedroom design for this year. Interior design is always undergoing changes and this includes the interior colors of paint, types of furnishings and various types of accessories. Each of these interior design elements are combined to create the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom.

Bedroom Design Trends

Bedroom Design Trends

2012 Color Trends

House painting is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to update any room in the house. Bedroom painting is a quick way to give the room a new look and start on today’s trendy designs. There are particular colors that are popular this year. Some are using a classic black and white for bedroom painting and then adding bold splashes of color for accents. Subtle colors such as light greens or blues can be added in for a nice touch too. With black and white almost any color can be added and be very complementary.

There are many trendy colors being used in today’s bedroom design. Colors such as gold are becoming a regular choice. Golden colors are warm hues and these shades include colors like mustard yellow or marigold. These golden colors are among some of the most popular color trends in 2012.

Geometric Shapes

One of the trends in bedroom design is to incorporate simple geometric shapes into the décor. There are a lot of ways to add these elements into your bedroom design without having to do a complete remodel. Geometric patterns can be added by using mirrors, pictures or bedding items that have geometric shapes. Mirrors are especially complimentary with the black and white color scheme. Basically you will want to use clean lines with some basic geometric attributes.

Interior Design Bedroom Accessories

Accessories can add a lot of texture to today’s sleek design. Depending on the designer’s taste, fabrics can be chosen which are complementary and add a personal touch to the room’s décor. For instance, some may choose to add a luxurious touch by using silk or cashmere for accessories such as pillows. Another great accessory that many are choosing to warm up the interior design are wool rugs. These come in a wide variety of styles and can be worth the investment due to the warmth they bring to the bedroom design.

Large prints are also trending in 2012. Usually they contain bold patterns and shapes. These can be in the form of wallpaper or bedding. These accessories can be used to add a vibrant hue to the room, especially in the popular black and white design.


These are some of the most popular trends in modern bedroom design. Interior painting, geometric shapes and accessories are some of the least expensive ways to redecorate the room to give it a completely new feel. Homeowners can spend small amounts on bedroom painting and feel like they have an entirely new room in which to relax each evening.

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