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July 26, 2012
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The kitchen is definitely one of the most important rooms in the house as it is a hub of most of the activity including entertaining guests. There are so many different elements in this area that it can be difficult and complicated when it comes to decorating. There are so many components and many of the necessary that help make up the room’s décor. It is very important to make sure that interior painting projects consider all of the components such as the cabinets, furnishings, appliances, window treatments, countertops and shelving. All of these are part of the overall scheme and you will want to choose the best paint colors so that the elements are all pulled together into one expression. Different decorating styles will have certain NJ paint colors that will be the most appropriate and complementary of the décor.

Modern Kitchen Painting Ideas

Usually when a homeowner thinks of going with the modern minimalist decorating theme they feel the best paint colors to use are black and white. This color scheme looks very sleek with the minimalist design but do not limit yourself to just these two alone. There are some ways to create this design and still use splashes of bolder hues as well. Homeowners will most likely not want to use bold red or orange on all the walls of the kitchen but they may choose to accent one wall with a solid color such as a brown or green and still achieve the minimalist effect.

Cottage Style Kitchens

This kitchen’s décor needs to stay warm and inviting. It is important to use paint colors and other design elements which promote a rustic yet relaxed atmosphere. This means the use of warm paint colors. Remember to consider some of the other elements in the kitchen when choosing the colors for interior painting. The cabinets can also bear painting in this kitchen setting. Cabinets may be a pale green or blue which matches with the warmer tones on the walls. Some choose to go with traditional red and white checkered patterns for this type of kitchen décor.

The Mediterranean Kitchen Design

The key to this design and choosing the best paint colors is to create a Mediterranean ambiance. Homeowners will most likely want to go with neutral colors with some sea blue, teal, or tan mixed throughout. The Mediterranean kitchen design is typically trimmed with paint colors of blue while the walls remain white. Since the walls are primarily white, most will choose to paint cabinets or shelves in a terracotta or dark brown to help balance out the area and keep it from looking too bare. For those who want to avoid white on the walls there are some shades such as chocolate, beige, sea green or yellow that work well for interior painting of the walls.

What if my Kitchen is small?

Sometimes a homeowner who is trying to decorate the modern kitchen feels very limited in choices for paint colors when the kitchen is very small. But some colors can be used to make it feel larger and more comfortable. Slate gray or steel blue are lighter colors that work well in smaller kitchen areas. If the cabinets and walls are all painted a pristine white it can help kitchens appear larger and more spacious. Then some splashes of colors such as celery green, rose or yellows can be added to give the room a lively look. Splashes of color can be added by using them in rugs, the backsplash, crown moldings or cabinet trimmings.

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