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Home Office Design

Home Office Design

Typically the home office is one of the most important areas for a home remodeling project. This is the area of the home which deserves much attention since it is central to the home’s finances. Choosing appropriate colors for interior painting in the office is of the utmost importance. The wall color should complement furnishings and fixtures so that the area is comfortable to work in; but not so relaxing that you only want to sleep.

Choosing the color scheme for the office is different than choosing colors for other NJ residential painting projects. Bright colors are okay, but they have to be coupled with the right colors so that it is still stylish and sober. It takes just enough color to create a lively effect without going too far. Even though you may choose brighter hues for walls it will take warmer tones on cabinets, or furnishings to achieve a balancing effect.

To make the area seem more spacious and light white is the way to go. But you will want to incorporate other colors to stay away from dull and boring. Trim, furniture, carpets and rugs can all add color accents and help create a touch of class. If you prefer an off-white or beige on the walls dark browns can be used for trim and furnishings to create the perfect atmosphere for the home office.

There are no rules that say you have to stay with whites for walls in an office space. Gray, tan or any other neutral colors can be used too. You can also add a tint to off-whites so that they have just a hint of green, sage, or even purple. Just be careful when you start mixing colors in for an office space. The key is to have a tasteful color scheme without creating an atmosphere that is either too stimulating for the emotions or too relaxing to get any work accomplished.

Natural colors can work well for the home office area. Greens, tans and blues are more passive colors found in nature and they are nice ways to add color to the area without being disturbing or distracting while you are trying to work. These colors are great hues to use for tinting whites. The right shades of green can be very rejuvenating and can help foster creativity. Green is a cooler color that if used tastefully can help reduce stress. If you choose to go with a blue them you will want to make sure that you use a pale blue or a white tinted slightly with blue. Blue is a great color to help you stay focused as well as productive.

Some of the warmer colors can be used carefully. Reds, yellows and oranges are great for stimulating and creating energy. However, they can also be too bright and distracting. Using muted shades for your interior painting project is an option if you want to keep a lively mood in the home office. These colors can be energizing if they are used sparingly.

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