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Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting

Although the bathroom is the smallest room in the house it is a very important space. Many say that using white for this interior painting project will make the room seem unfinished; and that you should use colors that make you feel comfortable and good while spending time in the room. You will want to bring some color into this room so that it will be brightened whether you add color using interior painting or other decorative designs. Since this is typically a smaller area there are some colors that work better than others for NJ interior painting.

Some of the colors that are considered “autumn” colors work well in the bathroom area. If you are planning on painting the bathroom while also doing a home remodeling project try adding all white porcelain fixtures with rich browns or even a light burnt orange on the walls. Using a light orange or yellow for interior painting on the walls allows you to add richness by incorporating dark brown and beige towels and bathroom accessories.

Browns can be used for the interior painting too, but remember that since it is a small area very dark browns can be overwhelming and make the room seem suffocating. But you can use dark brown features with a lighter shade such as taupe or beige on the walls. Using beige or light brown on the walls can be complemented by cream or dark brown accessories, trim and cabinetry.

Some of the best colors for a bathroom interior painting project are nautical colors. Using blues that are similar to those found in water or they sky can have a wonderful effect. You could also use blue or white fixtures and then complement them with beach colors like greens or tans. A nautical theme is a great way to incorporate a turquoise into the bathroom design; complement it with a classy green. These colors can have a wonderful effect and it can to make it feel more open use glass tiles as part of the design scheme.

One of the favorite modern themes comes from the Tuscan style. You’ll want to stay close to the olive green color scheme for this particular style. But then you can use light gold, or mustard yellow for towels and other accessories. If the room is very small, paint the walls a light yellow or gold and use olive green, brown or gold throw rugs, towels and accessories.

For the latest in modern bathroom design you may want to go with different shades of red. Subdued reds such as maroon or cinnamon look great. You can also bring about a stark contrast by using white on trim and other accessories. A white vanity looks stunning next to some of the reds. White or off-white tiles and fixtures can be the perfect accent.

If you are looking to create a nice, calm ambiance you may choose colors such as teal and white. Interior painting can be teal and then you can create a soft, soothing atmosphere by adding in whites for accessories, fixtures and other features. This combination can produce a very calming and relaxing effect.

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