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June 3, 2012
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Painting Your Kitchen

Painting Your Kitchen

Today’s kitchen design has changed much from the designs of the past. There are many colors that used to be taboo in the kitchen that are acceptable and pleasing in today’s NJ modern kitchen. There are several factors to consider when choosing the colors for an interior painting project for the kitchen. The best paint color will depend some on personal preference and some on the design of the kitchen area.

White remains a timeless classic for interior painting in the kitchen. Many homeowners choose to paint cabinets in white as well as the walls depending on the design. White gives the kitchen a very clean look and can help other kitchen features like flooring or countertops stand out. Off-whites are also a good option for a clean look and it is a very versatile color in that it can be matched up with virtually any color for decorating.

Reds have an interesting psychological effect. They can stimulate the appetite and increase energy levels. It is used in a lot of fast food restaurants for these reasons.  Usually the brighter reds can be somewhat overwhelming, but using some of the muted shades like cinnamon or terracotta can settle it down and help the area seem more warm and cozy. As long as it is not too bold, red can work well in just about any size modern kitchen. A nice neutral color on the cabinets and countertops made from tile or other natural materials can add up to a great NJ kitchen design.

Grays and browns are great for today’s modern kitchen design. These work very well with modern stainless steel appliances. However, if you want to use either of these very popular colors for kitchen painting remember that they do not work too well with cabinets or countertops that are too dark. The combination can darken the room especially when there is not an adequate source of light. Browns can be a great option since it is an earth tone which helps remind us where the food comes from to begin with.

Shades of blue can have a cooling effect and light blue can look great with cabinets that have a warm tone. Light blue works real well with some splashes of light green or a little gray. It can make the kitchen area seem lighter and not only can it be gorgeous, it can be a peaceful place to relax and consume meals with family and friends.

One of the best colors for NJ kitchen painting is yellow, especially if you want a cheery, yet cozy cove. Using yellow for interior painting in the kitchen can help the room seem much lighter and it can help warm some of the cool colors that might be included in other decorations in the room. For an elegant yet welcoming atmosphere, use yellows on the walls and white on the cabinets or furniture. Remember that brighter shades of yellow can be overwhelming visually. Muted or lighter shades of yellow can be brightening and cheerful. Muted yellows are distinctive enough to complement other kitchen features like cabinets or wood shelving without raising any eyebrows.

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