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Best Living Room Paint Colors

Living Room Painting

Living Room Painting

Color is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when undertaking an interior painting project. Choosing the best color for living room painting will largely depend on your own tastes and the particular interior design of the living area. Perhaps the most important things for the homeowner are that it looks and feels right for their particular style and purpose.

Color is important to any project whether it is interior or exterior painting because it stimulates the senses and evokes certain moods. Bold colors are generally chosen for living room painting by those who are more outgoing; while calmer, more subdued colors are preferred by quieter types. You can combine a couple of colors into a color scheme so that you can achieve a living area that is comfortable and welcoming.

There are basically three groups that colors used for NJ interior painting fall into: harmony or balance, bold or uplifting colors and those which are relaxing. Light blues are great for providing an atmosphere of tranquility, where purple gives a sense of power or royalty. Grays with blacks can be very subdued. Yellow can evoke feelings of happiness and provide a great energy in the area. And green can give a very natural feel which can be relaxing. And one of the modern trends in interior design is to use red in residential painting projects. This can make for a very romantic setting if desired.

One of the most popular colors used for interior painting for living areas today is off-white. This is one of the most versatile of colors as it allows for any color scheme to be used in the area. Off-white can also make the room look larger and it makes smaller features such as lamps or tables look larger as well. Whites also help the room look a lot brighter overall, and actually help it feel cooler during the hotter months of the year. But, using too much white or off-white can make the room look too sterile and generic. It can also be difficult to keep clean. It is important to remember that if you choose to use off-white you want to compliment the area with bursts of color from furnishings, window treatments, accessories or fixtures.

A very popular trend is to take the plain off-white but add some hints of color to it so that it does not come off as so generic. This little hint of color can work great with chosen color schemes too. Depending on the color scheme, add a tint of tan, light green or blue.

For those who are more conservative and are considering resale later, earth tones are the perfect colors for interior painting projects. Using colors like tans or browns will complement and go with almost anything and look very pleasant to the eye. Be careful with browns though as dark brown in a small living room can be oppressing. Taupe or tan will be fine though.

For a country living room you may use yellows or light blues to add a touch of comfort. Some soft reds work as well.  Blues are one of the best colors for French country or Victorian designs. And in more traditional settings blue can bring an air of formality.

The best living room interior painting color will depend largely on the atmosphere and mood you want to create.

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